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EXC: Teen Vogue’s New Editor Alexi McCammond Ranted About “Blacks”, Dressed as Native American.


The National Pulse has uncovered additional historical tweets from Teen Vogue’s new editor – Alexi McCammond, already under fire for a host of old anti-Asian, homophobic posts. The messages appear to violate the left’s cultural appropriation standards.

While the Axios reporter-turned-Teen Vogue Editor-in-Chief apologized for her past tweets, the new revelations are likely to re-incite controversy as they portray McCammond dressed as a native American for Hallowe’en. This is what the left calls “cultural appropriation” and they frequently attempt to “cancel” people for the “crime”.

One tweet – dated October 29th, 2011 – contains the text “Halloweennn!” before linking to the following picture:

McCammond in 2011.

While the tweet has since been deleted, The National Pulse obtained an exclusive copy of the tweet from McCammond, while it was still live:

McCammond’s now-deleted tweet.

The National Pulse can also exclusively reveal old post from McCammond’s blog, “Naked Diction.”

In an article published September 1st, 2013 – “From Twerking At The VMAS To Twerking With Words: My Take On Racism” – McCammond calls for more attention to lead to “black-on-black racism.”

In fact, she uses the word “black” eight times over just five paragraphs, and tags her post “Blacks.”

Teen Vogue has previously undermined such ideas, describing black-on-black crime as a “dangerous myth” and insisting black-on-black racism doesn’t exist – in bolded font:


McCammond, however, lamented the “lack of attention given to black-on-black racism”:

Do I believe racism across all ethnic groups still exists today? Yes. Is it clear that Blacks struggle with feeling equal to other races, particularly Whites? Of course. But while reading the many articles dissing Miley for being “racist” and how Blacks often feel various forms of negative attention from Whites, I cannot seem to find personal solace with the lack of attention given to black-on-black racism.

2013 POST.

Editor’s Note: The National Pulse abhors cancel culture and the constant churn of “gotcha” stories involving people’s lives. But we love pointing out the hypocrisy of the left more. Hence this article.


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