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LMAO: Project Veritas Catches Brian Stelter Plodding Around CNN.


A new Project Veritas video show CNN Host Brian Stelter being pressed on the group’s recent trove of undercover videos revealing CNN Technical Director Charlie Chester admitting the network engages in “propaganda.”

The Reliable Sources host can be seen plodding around the network’s New York offices wearing a sweater with the text “JOURNALISM MATTERS. Now More Than Ever.” Despite the message on Stelter’s sweater, he refuses to answer questions posed by the undercover Project Veritas journalist.

“Is Charlie Chester still employed at CNN,” the Project Veritas journalist asks before adding “Do you report any news that Jeff Zucker doesn’t directly tell you to report?” in reference to a recent #ExposeCNN campaign.

In response, Stelter scoffs before adding¬†“I feel really bad for you” and “I report whatever I want” while waiting for a maintenance worker to escort the Project Veritas journalist out of the building.


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