WASHINGTON - JANUARY 30: President of the United States Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden and Hunter Biden (son of Joe Biden) talk during a college basketball game between Georgetown Hoyas and the Duke Blue Devils on January 30, 2010 at the Verizon Center in Washington DC. (Photo by Mitchell Layton/Getty Images)

On Day 80, Biden Reminded You Of How Smart He Is, And How Dumb YOU Are.


On Day 80, Biden’s social media message reinforced one of his favorite lines of argumentation: how dumb you are.

“That’s Infrastructure!”

The importance of anything President Joe Biden proposes should be obvious to you already! And if it’s not, you must not know what the words mean. That’s what the President of the United States claims, week-in and week-out.

“This isn’t complicated,” the president tweeted from his @POTUS handle on Saturday afternoon, with a video explaining that replacing lead pipes is an infrastructure project—part of series of short clips where the president says that various thing “[are] infrastructure.”

Of course, most Americans grasp what “infrastructure” means. It’s the Biden White House expanding the definition to include things like community violence and climate change interventions that makes things “complicated.” By which we mean: fraudulent.

The president ties these together with vague statements like “Above all, infrastructure is about meeting the needs of the nation and putting Americans to work to get the job done,” and far-reaching issue-area crossovers like “[Look at] more suicides in the military than people getting shot. Is it really your position, my friends, that our veterans don’t deserve the most modern facilities? We could catch that cancer diagnosis quicker, with access to better roads, cleaner water, high-speed Internet that delivers information faster and more of it.”

2021 surveys suggest that most Americans just don’t view pouring trillions into infrastructure updates as a priority right now. But for a president who insisted on day one that talking down had no place in his administration, Biden relishes the notion that the American people just don’t comprehend the obvious.

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