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SURVEY: 85% Disbelieve Allegations Against Rep. Matt Gaetz.


A whopping 85 percent of National Pulse readers disbelieve the allegations of sex trafficking and impropriety leveled – without proof – against conservative firebrand Congressman Matt Gaetz.

Following a survey of 6,621 people, a vast majority said they did not believe the rumors, which have been confirmed as partisan propaganda by CNN Technical Director Charlie Chester in hidden camera footage released over a week ago.

Asked: “Do You Believe The Rumors of Rep. Matt Gaetz Sex Trafficking Underage Girls?” readers responded:

  • Yes – 583 people (9%)
  • No – 5,633 people (85%)
  • Not Sure 405 people (6%)
A graph to show the results of the poll.

Last week, 95 percent of Pulse readers said Joe Biden was unfit to govern.

A new poll, on who The National Pulse readers prefer as a 2024 Republican candidate, begins today:

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