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Matt Gaetz For President?

POLITICO: Matt Gaetz For President?


POLITICO’s Tara Palmeri has claimed that Rep. Matt Gaetz could be “politically untouchable” if he gets through the increasingly transparent partisan scandal he is currently in the fourth week of.

In a new POLITICO video, Palmeri – one of the paper’s leading reporters – says:

“There is one thing I do think that is interesting about this. It’s that if Matt Gaetz survives this, and say he does stay in office, he could be politically untouchable which would make him only more powerful if he gets through this. And I know that’s a crazy idea, but people are telling him that. I know that for a fact. If he can come out of this, he’ll probably run for president.”

After nearly four weeks, there are no accusers against Rep. Gaetz, and no evidence of any wrongdoing.


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