WATCH – Rep. Gaetz Grills FBI Director on Dr. Yan Whistleblower/COVID Origins.


Congressman Matt Gaetz (FL-1) has grilled FBI director Christopher Wray on the origins of the coronavirus and what Wray and his FBI knew as Chinese defector/whistleblower Dr. Yan entered the United States in April 2020.

Dr. Yan – who has published a wealth of evidence about the man-made nature of the COVID-19 virus – risked her life entering the United States under the tutelage of Steve Bannon and other dissident groups in the U.S.

Derided by the corporate media, Dr. Yan interacted with FBI agents as early as possible in an attempt to warn American authorities about the cover-up by the Chinese Communist Party.

Watch as Rep. Gaetz becomes the only U.S. Congressman to boldly stand up for the brave whistleblower:


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