Day 131: On Memorial Day, Biden Condemns “Privilege and Power.”


On Memorial Day, Biden praised the diverse “gender identities” of American blood spilled for freedom.

In his Memorial Day remarks at Arlington National Cemetery, President Joe Biden again focused greatly on his own family and the loss of his son, Beau Biden, to brain cancer six years ago. When the president turned to reflecting on the sacrifices of the troops, he uttered these lines:

The soul of America is animated by the perennial battle between our worst instincts—which we’ve seen of late—and our better angels.  Between “Me first” and “We the People.” Between greed and generosity, cruelty and kindness, captivity and freedom. The Americans of Lexington and Concord, of New Orleans, Gettysburg, the Argonne, Iwo Jima and Normandy, Korea and Vietnam, Afghanistan and Iraq, and thousands of places in between—these Americans weren’t fighting for dictators; they were fighting for democracy. They weren’t fighting to exclude or to enslave; they were fighting to build and broaden and liberate. They weren’t fighting for self; they were fighting for the soul of the nation, for liberty and simple fair play—simple fair play and decency. 

This list included a few questionable examples: Gettysburg, of course, was a bloody battle between Americans. Some of those who fought for the United States at the Battle of New Orleans were slaves, Indians, and pirates. Moreover, would those who lost their lives in any of the aforementioned grisly conflicts really say the sacrifice was for “simple fair play”?

Biden went on: “We owe them our whole souls.”

He also offered up a vision of democracy that sounds suspiciously like anarchist mob rule:

Democracy means the rule of the people—the rule of the people. Not the rule of monarchs, not the rule of the moneyed, not the rule of the mighty—literally, the rule of the people. The lives of billions, from antiquity to our own hour, have been shaped by the battle between aspirations of the many and the greed of the few. Between people’s right to self-determination and the self-seeking of the dictator. Between dreams of democracy and appetites for autocracy, which we’re seeing around the world.  

Biden underscored a favorite message that diversity is the strength of our military: “Americans of all backgrounds, races, creeds, gender identities, sexual orientations, have long spilled their blood to defend our democracy. The diversity of our country and our armed services is and always has been an incredible strength.”

And lest we forget on Memorial Day the cruelty of privilege and power: “The right to vote, the right to rise in a world as far as your talent can take you, unlimited by unfair barriers of privilege and power—such are the principles of democracy.”

That’s always the bottom line for the Biden-Harris regime. You can extol the virtues of the American way of life all you want, but with two major caveats: That we wouldn’t have it without our great American sexual diversity, and that we can only save it by dismantling privilege and power. Not theirs. Yours.

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