China-Backed Harvard Center Fellow Luke O’Brien Engages in Targeted Harassment Against The National Pulse.


Luke O’Brien – a member of the far-left “WGA East” union who was recently dismissed from a writing role at the Huffington Post – has engaged in an attempt on Twitter to have National Pulse editor in chief harassed. O’Brien also risibly raised “foreign agent registration act” claims against Raheem Kassam, despite the fact that Kassam doesn’t and never has represented a foreign government. 

O’Brien, who claims to be a reporter but is actually a pro-Antifa activist, took to Twitter because he was upset about Kassam’s mockery of the January 6th commission on Capitol Hill, Tuesday.

“Here is an anti-democratic operative who works for Steve Bannon and has ties to extremist leaders in Europe. He is based in DC,” O’Brien claimed. Kassam has no links to “anti-democratic” nor “extremist” leaders, and runs The National Pulse website. He does not work for Steve Bannon.

“I hear he likes to hang out at Morton’s on Conn. Ave,” claimed O’Brien, dog-whistling his far-left followers into a harassment campaign, made clear by one follower’s response which read: “I’m just upset that it’s not driving distance from where I live. He deserves a little bit of face to face time.”

But if there is someone who should have to register as a foreign agent, it should be O’Brien and his new employer, the Shorenstein Center at Harvard.

As previously reported by The National Pulse – and potentially the cause of O’Brien’s outrage – the Shorenstein Center has significant links with the Chinese Communist Party, effectively making O’Brien a CCP asset.

Masquerading as an anti-disinformation platform, Shorenstein actually aids the Chinese Communist Party by knocking down narratives the CCP prefers not to be public. The National Pulse contacted the Shorenstein Center for comment, but did not receive a reply at the time of publication.

The center counts Chinese Communist Party advisers such as Steven Dong – who served as the Director of the Global Journalism Institute at the alma mater of Xi Jinping, Tsinghua University, and former presenter for state-run news outlet China Central Television (CCTV) – as fellows.

Dong’s bio on the Shorenstein Center site reveals he “holds professorships of political communications at the National School of Administration and the Chinese Communist Party’s Central Academy of Socialism” and has “been invited by the State Council Offices over the years to lecture to more than 20,000 senior Chinese officials.”

Among the topics he lectured the Chinese Communist Party on was “crisis communications.”

Another fellow – Li Xiguang – is a Tsinghua University Professor, a member of the Chinese Foreign Ministry Advisory Committee on Public Diplomacy, and a former Senior Editor at the state-run media outlet Xinhua.

Another fellow, Zhengrong Hu, was the Director of the National Center for Radio and Television Studies at the state-run Communication University of China. Before his Harvard stint, his personal site reveals he had been honored with a “Cross-Century Excellent Personnel” award by the Chinese Communist Party’s Ministry of Education and a “state governmental special award by the State Council of China.”


Zhengrong has also served as Chair on the Chinese Communist Party State Council’s Discipline Evaluation Group of Journalism and Communication group, Chair of the Education Supervision Committee at the Ministry of Education, Chair of the China Association of Communication, and member of the Expert Committee of Courses Development and Disciplines Establishment at the Ministry of Education.

What’s more, the Shorenstein Center has hosted at least 10 events alongside Harvard’s Ash Center, which has taken millions from companies linked to and owned by the Chinese Communist Party and published studies popularized by Chinese state-run media outlets claiming the government enjoys record-high support.

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