EXCLUSIVE: NYPD ‘Hate Crime’ Task Force Includes Chinese Regime Propagandist Who Says Xi Jinping Is ‘Doing A Good Job.’

Chinese state propagandists have wormed their way onto Marxist political NYPD groups.


The New York Police Department’s newly launched hate crime review panel includes Fred Teng, who runs a Chinese Communist Party-linked influence group and has repeatedly praised regime leader Xi Jinping, The National Pulse can reveal.

Teng is one of the five members of the panel, which was inaugurated in April, and will advise the New York Police Department (NYPD) on which crimes should be classified as hate crimes. The group will also advise the District Attorney’s office on the hate crime classification.

Teng, who was born in Shanghai and now resides in New York, has several executives roles at Chinese Communist Party-linked groups including serving as the President of the America China Public Affairs Institute (ACPAI), a visiting professor at the Chinese government-run Sichuan University, and the senior U.S. representative of the China-United States Exchange Foundation (CUSEF).

Teng is also the former CEO of China Newsweek, a regime-controlled propaganda magazine based in Beijing under the control of the State Council. Teng has defended the spread of Chinese state-run media in the U.S. in a 2012 BBC article, insisting:

“I think they abide by journalistic guidelines and report their news according to their accuracy, timeliness, proximity and so forth.”

CUSEF was founded by C.H. Tung, the Vice-Chairman of the “highest-ranking entity overseeing” China’s United Front, which the U.S. government identifies as seeking to “to co-opt and neutralize sources of potential opposition to the policies and authority of its ruling Chinese Communist Party” and “influence foreign governments to take actions or adopt positions supportive of Beijing.”

Tung himself has spoken at a 2016 ACPAI event in addition to CUSEF Governor Ronnie Chan, who has spoken for the group three times. ACPAI has also hosted events featuring several Chinese Communist Party officials, Chinese state-run media hosts, and People’s Liberation Army (PLA) leaders.

Teng has also met privately with Chinese Communist Party officials such as Consul General Luo Linquan.

In addition to running ACPAI and advising CUSEF, Teng frequently appears on Chinese state-run media outlets in favor of the Chinese Communist Party. In response to Xi’s removal of term limits, which allowed him to lead for life, Teng told China Global Television Network (CGTN) that “I think they are doing a critically good job right now” in reference to the regime.

“In order to carry out the agenda and the reform, we need a continuous leadership,” he added in defense of Xi’s move.

Teng has expressed similar sentiments on i24 News, where he insisted that “most of the people like it because he’s doing a good job” when asked about the cessation of term limits.

“I mean why change someone when they’re doing a good job?” he added in defense of Xi.

Natalie Winters

Natalie Winters is freelance reporter.

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