School Tells Kids to Stop Sending Valentines Featuring White or ‘Gender Normative’ People.


A private school in Providence, Rhode Island has recommended that students avoid sending Valentine’s Day cards that portray only white people. Parents and students of Moses Brown Lower School received the following guidelines from Osvaldo Jose Marti, the Head of School:

“As we approach the month of February, we are writing to share some guidelines for the selection and exchange of Valentines in the Lower School. If your child wishes to bring cards for classmates, please consider these recommendations, which we make in an effort to promote kindness and inclusivity within our community:

  • If your child would like to bring cards for classmates (this is entirely optional), please bring a card for every other child in the pod or in the grade.
  • Please coach your child if purchasing commercially produced cards to select something that does not feel ‘gender normative’ (with separate ‘boy cards’ vs. ‘girl cards,’ for instance.)
  • Also, consider talking to your child about avoiding cards that portray only White human characters. Representation matters and our students of color also deserve to see themselves in some of the cards they receive, unless we can find cards without people pictured at all.
  • Valentine’s Day celebration at the Lower School level should have a focus on friendship and fun. Please join us in trying to avoid the romantic crush themes that can dominate the day for older students.”

These recommendations were sent to students from the school’s nursery (starting at $18,770 a year) through to 4th grade (starting at $35,795 tuition per year). Members of the school have refused to comment on the instructions. Students interviewed by NBC 10 noted that they were just glad that the school was not getting rid of the Valentine’s Day tradition altogether.

Parents, however, deeply disagree with the guidelines provided and the overall culture the school has embodied over the last several years, telling a local news outlet, “why does my four year old tell me the teacher said that someday she might want to marry another girl?”

Along with avoiding white people, the school has urged students to not use “gendered” cards. Parents are asked to “coach” their children when purchasing commercially produced cards, and avoid the love associated with Valentine’s Day.

Moses Brown is a private Quaker school and regularly promotes transgender norms and sexual identity to the children they’re supposed to be preparing for college. To support the sexual development of their students, the school provides a Gender Sexuality Alliance club and an Equal Voices, with a focus on feminism and equality. Following with their theme of far-leftism, the school’s Instagram avatar features a cartoon of the school’s founder wearing a face mask that reads, “Mask Up.”

In California, clubs like Gay Sexuality Alliance were used by teachers to stalk and spy on children. Groups are suing one school for pushing such clubs on young students after one student tried to commit suicide as a result of the pressures from her teachers to conform to transgenderism.

Kay Smythe

Kay Smythe is a writer and researcher specializing in social capital. Her work has been published internationally for more than half her life. She currently resides in the USA.

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