What Do White Supremacists and Icelandic Abortionists Have in Common?

Whether it was Icelanders boasting about killing their unborn children with Down syndrome or white supremacists and counter protestors clashing in Charlottesville, last week’s news was filled with stories that show prejudice and violence come in many different forms. Although these events took place thousands of miles and an ocean apart, they have one thing in common — they involve one group of people pronouncing their superiority over another which they consider to be inferior based on some arbitrary determination. Such prejudice begins with hateful rhetoric and usually ends with the taking of innocent life. In Iceland, the victims have

How a 9-Year-Old Just Taught Liberal Activists an Important Lesson

A few weeks ago, a 9-year-old boy named “Pickle” made national news after White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders read his handwritten letter to President Trump during a White House press briefing. Capturing the hearts of many and peaking the curiosity of others who were at first doubtful of his existence, the young Trump supporter started quite a Twitter storm. Dylan aka Pickle thank you for your letter and hope to meet you soon! pic.twitter.com/XZlJARZ9cs — Sarah Huckabee (@SarahHuckabee) July 26, 2017 However, the more noteworthy part of Pickle’s story emerged more recently when news broke that bakeries refused

Glamour Magazine Does Its Best to Glamorize Planned Parenthood

Yesterday, the self-described “Fashion Trends, Beauty, and Entertainment” magazine Glamour published an article glamorizing the jobs of Planned Parenthood employees by attempting to show how ordinary, yet extraordinary, their jobs are. Appealing to readers’ emotions, this wordy article is filled with anecdotal stories, details about what the clinic workers eat for lunch and what pranks they play on April Fool’s Day, and not-so-subtle political messages. The Glamour article, which is titled “The Quiet, Revolutionary Act of Working at Planned Parenthood,” begins by describing the daily routine of Julia Schenck, an employee at a New York Planned Parenthood who likes to

Planned Parenthood Spending $3 Million to Elect Pro-Abortion Va. Governor

With the movement to cut off their state funding picking up speed in Virginia, Planned Parenthood is spending big with the hopes of getting a governor elected who will return the favor by keeping them funded. In addition to dumping $3 million into Democratic candidate Ralph Northam’s campaign, the PAC of Planned Parenthood’s Virginia affiliate plans to knock on 300,000 doors, send mailers to 400,000 homes, and run digital and radio ads endorsing Northam and opposing his Republican rival, Ed Gillespie. When it comes to the issue of abortion, the differences between Northam and Gillespie are clearly displayed. Northam has

Is a Democrat Civil War Brewing over Abortion?

Some Democratic officials are beginning to realize that if they want to avoid a repetition of their harsh 2016 defeat in the upcoming 2018 midterm campaign cycle, they may need to back down from their unpopular, staunchly pro-abortion platform. The change, which is further dividing the already struggling party, comes just a year after the Democratic Platform Committee approved the party’s new, most abortion-supportive 2016 platform and just a few months after the DNC chairman said that every candidate wishing to run as a Democrat needed to support abortion. On Monday, Representative Ben Ray Luján (D-N.M.), chairman of the Democratic

POLL: Approval of Polygamy Surges to New High — Because of a TV Show?

In the same way that shows like Modern Family, Glee, and The New Normal played a role in swaying public opinion towards supporting same-sex marriage, the TLC show Sister Wives may be partially responsible for Americans’ increasing acceptance of polygamy. A new Gallup poll conducted from May 3-7 found that moral acceptance of polygamy rose by 3 percentage points during this past year alone, reaching a record high of 17 percent. Among the non-religious group of people surveyed, that statistic is nearly doubled, with roughly one out of every three (32 percent) thinking it is perfectly fine if a person

WATCH: Did Planned Parenthood Just Admit to Breaking the Law?

A never before seen video released on Thursday shows a Planned Parenthood official explaining how the organization’s abortionists get away with breaking the federal partial-birth abortion ban. It has now been four days since its release and yet major news outlets have failed to give the incriminating footage the amount of coverage it warrants. In the video, filmed by undercover agents from the Center for Medical Progress (CMP), Suzie Prabhakaran, the vice president of Medical Affairs for Planned Parenthood of Southwest and Central Florida, unashamedly admits that Planned Parenthood abortionists have found a loophole around the federal partial-birth abortion ban

Bridal Shop Receives Violent Threats after Declining to Serve Gay Wedding

Victoria and Tom Miller, owners of a bridal shop in Pennsylvania, have become two of the latest victims of the LGBT movement’s war on traditional beliefs about marriage and sexuality. After a lesbian couple’s Facebook post incited threats of violence against the owners and employees of W.W. Bridal Boutique of Bloomsburg, Penn., the husband and wife have been forced to close their shop’s doors rather than risk their own safety. The anger stems from an incident earlier this month when Julie Ann Samanas and Shannon Kennedy were told by those working at the boutique that they would have to find

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