What is China’s ‘Thousand Talents Program’?

In 2008, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) launched the “Thousand Talents Program”, explicitly designed to lure top scientific talent to work for China. The CCP made no secret of their desire to benefit from the knowledge and experience of some of the most brilliant minds in America and Europe, and according to them, the program has been successful in attracting talent to work for the good of the Chinese people. The CCP touts the creation of 73 companies and the enticement of 11,000 high level talent candidates to China as a result of the program. The United States Senate, however,

REVEALED: China’s Plan to Censor The Whole Internet.

The genius of the internet has always been its openness: anyone with a smartphone or a laptop can take part in a worldwide conversation. For authoritarian regimes, however, that very openness is instead a problem to be solved. China’s plan could lock down the internet forever. At the heart of the internet is a communications protocol called TCP/IP. The creators of TCP/IP in the 1970s could never have imagined that it would someday form the backbone for nearly all commerce and social discourse by the year 2020. That backbone is beginning to show its age as millions of new smartphones


Justin Amash – the Anti-Trump, Libertarian Candidate for President – Needs to Sit Down.

Rep. Justin Amash (I-MI) is considering a third party Presidential run, and it’s one of the dumbest things we’ve heard since CNN’s Brian Stelter began to hype now-convicted felon Michael Avenatti for the job. Elected to the House of Representatives in 2010, libertarian Amash made headlines for his opposition to the far-left excesses of the Obama Administration. While he helped found the important House Freedom Caucus, Donald Trump’s election in 2016 appears to have driven Amash off the deep end. “…he wants to have attention,” House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy explained last year as Amash backed impeachment for what we


Divest. From. China.

Since 1980, the United States has granted “Most Favored Nation” trading status to China on the condition that they improve their record on human rights as well as play fair regarding international commerce. Despite not living up to those conditions, every president since has granted a waiver maintaining the status for another year, sometimes against the advice of Congress. Presidents Bush and Clinton both supported normalized trade relations with China. “Will we do more to advance the cause of human rights if China is isolated?” Clinton asked in 1994, suggesting that opening trade would encourage more liberalization and freedom in

Make No Mistake, ‘President Cuomo’ Would Be More Radical Than Biden

The Democratic Party has a serious problem right now: Joe Biden is the presumptive nominee. It took Biden six days to respond to the coronavirus emergency, and subsequent appearances have been nothing short of rambling and incoherent. As a private citizen, Biden has no official role to play in our current crisis, while his opponent President Trump is front and center. These factors have caused Democratic strategists to wonder if there might be an alternative. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has been drawing a favorable contrast to the hapless Biden. Like Trump, Cuomo has been in front of the cameras

#NeverNikki: Gov. Haley Should NOT Be the GOP Choice in 2024

The Republican establishment still doesn’t get it. Donald Trump defeated more than a dozen mainstream Republicans in the 2016 presidential primary with a message of America First. He called out the Iraq War, promised to bring troops home from the Middle East, criticized the outsourcing of American jobs to foreign workers, and vowed to return power to the American people. The establishment, which has always been content to move leftward on social issues, has refused to budge on more war, free trade, increased immigration, and corporate bailouts. Their latest hope in returning to their glory days of the Bush era

Coronavirus: The Open Borders Policy Killer

COVID-19 has dominated national (and international) news cycle over the past month, and in the past week, all major sports leagues have cancelled or postponed their seasons, events such as E3 and the Houston Rodeo have been shut down, and even Disneyland is closing its doors. Leftist pundits, the hammers for whom every crisis is a socialist nail, have responded by attacking the President for either too much action or inaction, depending on the day, and also by doubling down on their demand for open borders. The Democratic Party has effectively campaigned for open borders for years now. President Obama

A Contested Convention is Still a Possibility… And It’ll be Carnage.

The prospect of a contested convention sends chills down the spines of Democratic Party strategists. Read: Donna Brazile. If no candidate has a majority at the Democratic National Convention in Milwaukee this summer, the party faces the prospect of all their backroom dealings playing out on live television. “A brokered convention would be an ugly act of self-sabotage,” wrote Edward Burmila on the left-wing Nation website. Perhaps spurred by these warnings, the remaining non-Bernie candidates dropped out over the past week, endorsing Joe Biden on their way out. But don’t discount a contested convention yet. How a candidate collects delegates