President Trump Cuts Funding to UN Agency over Forced Abortions

The Trump Administration announced this week it would be withdrawing $32.5 million in funding to the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), due to the agency’s alleged partnership with a Chinese population control program which supports coercive abortions. The money will instead be transferred to similar programs within the U.S. Agency for International Development. According to a memorandum from the State Department, the UN Population Fund partners with the Chinese National Health and Family Planning Commision, which is responsible for overseeing China’s infamous two-child policy. The UNFPA responded in a statement arguing that it “refutes this claim, as all of its work

WATCH: Sean Spicer Reacts to N.C. ‘Bathroom Bill’ Repeal

This past Thursday, the North Carolina legislature came to the decision to repeal HB2, derisively referred to in the media as the ‘bathroom bill,’ after a year-long bullying campaign by the LGBT community. Despite finally getting what they wanted, liberals are still upset, calling the repeal “HB2.0” and “a repeal in name only.” During Friday’s White House Press Conference, Press Secretary Sean Spicer was questioned about the repeal. Video and transcript are below: Q: During the presidential campaign the President said he was with the state on North Carolina’s law banning transgender people from using certain restrooms. The Democratic governor

After N.C. ‘Bathroom Bill’ Repeal, Why Are Liberals Still Upset?

There has been ongoing controversy surrounding North Carolina’s HB2, often derisively referred to as the “Bathroom Bill,” since it was passed a year ago. After a long and aggressive bullying campaign by the LGBTQ lobby, the North Carolina legislature ultimately came to the decision this week to repeal the law. Democratic Governor Roy Cooper, who has been a leading force pushing for HB2’s repeal since his election last November, admitted in a statement that the repeal bill was “not a perfect deal or my preferred solution.” Nevertheless, he lauded its passage, proclaiming: “Today, we repealed House Bill 2. We begin

VICTORY: Senate Votes to Allow States to Defund Planned Parenthood

The Senate voted today to overturn an Obama-era HHS rule which directs state family planning funds to Planned Parenthood, moving one step closer to cutting off the abortion giant’s considerable taxpayer funding. Senate Democrats spent their allotted five hours of debate using their typical rhetoric, describing all the “good work” that Planned Parenthood does and listing all the valuable services they offer besides abortion — completely ignoring the fact that in each state there exist dozens of community health centers that offer all of these same services. Nevertheless, the resolution passed by a 51-50 vote, with Republican Senators Susan Collins

WATCH: New Pro-Trump Ad Touts President’s “Results”

While President Trump may still just be settling into the White House after his surprise victory last November, his supporters are already looking ahead to the next election challenge. Their latest move? A new $1 million TV ad campaign which will target the 10 states Trump won last year where Democratic senators are up for reelection in 2018. The campaign is being funded by the Making America Great organization, with the purpose of persuading at-risk Democrats to support the president’s legislative agenda. According to a spokesperson for Making America Great, the group “will be a conduit to highlight President Trump’s

These Brilliant Tweets Just Torpedoed “Pink Out Day”

After last Friday’s demise of the Republican-drafted American Health Care Act, which would have, if passed, defunded Planned Parenthood, pro-life groups have called on Congress to prioritize cutting all federal funds to the abortion giant. In response, Planned Parenthood has declared today “Pink Out Day” in an attempt to show Congress how many women support the organization and why it requires $500 million of taxpayer money. The hashtag “#PinkOut” has consequently been trending all day on Twitter, thanks to numerous tweets from abortion enthusiasts explaining why Planned Parenthood is important and worthy of government funding. However, pro-lifers have also taken

WATCH: Disturbing New Video Reveals Gruesome Details from Abortionist

In a particularly disturbing new video released by The Center for Medical Progress early this morning, a former Medical Director of Planned Parenthood of Arizona, Dr. DeShawn Taylor, is shown disclosing a number of gruesome details regarding what she’s learned from the abortions she’s performed: She explains, “It’s not a matter of how I feel about it coming out intact, but I’ve got to worry about my staff, and you know, and people’s feelings about, it coming out looking like a baby.” The undercover investigator, who is posing as a buyer of fetal tissue, asks if there is any standard

Will Democrats and Feminists Ever Accept Pro-Life Women?

The Democratic Party took a beating in 2016. After losing the White House to Donald Trump as well as numerous Congressional and state-level races, Democrats have been forced back to the drawing board to determine what changes might be necessary to prevent further losses. Some of that soul-searching was on display this week, as similar articles from The New York Times and Roll Call offered an interesting proposal: the Democratic Party must become more flexible on life issues and make a place for pro-life Americans in the party in order to come out on top again. And they may have