Report: Trump Benefited from Media Coverage, Clinton Suffered

A blitz of both positive and negative media coverage played a large role in propelling Donald Trump to capture the Republican nomination, according to a new Harvard study out of the Shorenstein Center on Media, Politics, and Public Policy. The study analyzed the coverage of both print and broadcast sources, reaching the conclusion that “Trump exploited their lust for riveting stories.” Had Trump spent money on advertising equivalent to the amount of free media coverage he got, he would have spent roughly $55 million, the study found. Trump’s next closest competitor, former Florida Governor Jeb Bush, got just $36 million

Trump Trails Clinton in Popular Vote, Leads in Battleground Counties

Donald Trump suffered a setback last week as new national polling revealed that he fell outside the margin of error in his quest to defeat presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton and take back the White House for the Republicans. However, according to a report released on Friday by consulting firm Axiom Strategies, Trump leads Clinton in several “battleground counties,” areas that determine how electoral votes are apportioned in a state, polling much more favorably in these swing counties than former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney did against incumbent President Barack Obama in 2012. In fact, in the seven battleground counties examined

Trump Tries to Win Over Social Conservatives at Major D.C. Conference

Presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump sought to broaden his appeal with conservative Christians, speaking at the annual Faith and Freedom Caucus and Concerned Women for America-sponsored “Road to Majority” Conference in Washington, D.C. Friday afternoon. Following a speech by former Republican candidate Carly Fiorina, Trump blasted Hillary Clinton’s record as Secretary of State and called Clinton “crooked,” a common nickname he has used for the presumptive Democratic nominee throughout the 2016 race. Trump also laid out several socially conservative goals for the country, among them “[upholding] the sanctity and dignity of life” and “[protecting] the right of people of faith

Poll: Clinton, Trump Deadlocked in Pennsylvania

Donald Trump continues to gain ground on Hillary Clinton, particularly in states which have not gone Republican in a presidential election in many years. According to a new poll released by Public Policy Polling, Trump and Clinton are tied at 44 percent support each in Pennsylvania, a state in which Trump hopes that pro-worker economic message will resonate with working class voters. While a generic Democrat and Bernie Sanders still enjoy leads in a general election scenario against Trump, concerns remain about Clinton’s popularity, even within the Democratic Party, and many are openly questioning whether enough Sanders supporters will back Clinton

The Story of “Reagan’s Lost Campaign Ad”

Jeff Bell, Policy Director for the American Principles Project and occasional contributor to The Pulse 2016, recently sat down for an interview with The Daily Reckoning’s Brian Maher to discuss the Reagan Revolution of 1980. One interesting story from the campaign detailed by Bell involved a pro-gold standard TV ad which Reagan appeared in — and the intriguing reason why the ad never ran: Brian Maher: … Gentlemen, we talk a lot about gold here at The Daily Reckoning. I don’t know how many people remember today, but Reagan wanted to return to a gold standard. In fact, I believe

New Poll: Trump, Clinton Statistically Tied in Florida

Donald Trump has significantly narrowed the gender gap in Florida, with both men and women supporting him over former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton 45-44 percent, according to a new survey released yesterday by Public Policy Polling. Overall, Trump holds a narrow one-point lead among the 737 likely voters surveyed, though this puts Clinton well within the margin of error of 3.6 points. Still, this represents positive news for Trump, who, in previous polling, has trailed Clinton by as many as 13 points and has not led her in a poll since early March. The survey also reveals continued weaknesses

Planned Parenthood Violated Federal Law, House Panel Says

The House Select Investigative Panel on Infant Lives released a damning new report yesterday showing that Planned Parenthood violated federal law by releasing confidential patient records as a pretense to facilitate fetal organ sales to procurement firm StemExpress. Panel Chairwoman Marsha Blackburn (R-Tenn.) subsequently released contracts between StemExpress and the abortion clinics in question and called for an investigation from the Department of Health and Human Services. In a letter sent to the department Wednesday, Blackburn wrote, “The key to understanding the HIPAA and consent violations that we’ve referred to HHS is that there’s a business contract between StemExpress and the

Gov. Haley Makes S.C. Latest State to Protect Unborn After 20 Weeks

Fierce pro-life advocate and two-term South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley signed into law a measure Wednesday afternoon which seeks to ban abortion in the state after the first twenty weeks gestation, except in cases where the life of the mother is threatened. Haley signed the bill after it was passed by a margin of 79-29 late Tuesday in the South Carolina House of Representatives. Mounting medical evidence shows that fetuses are capable of feeling pain after just twenty weeks in the womb and that fetal viability has now, in the majority of cases, exceeded the Supreme Court’s threshold set at