This Is Why America Is Rejecting the “Salon Left” — And the Democratic Party

This article was originally posted at Newsbusters. Earlier this month, I wrote an op-ed for The Hill where I argued that Republicans should support President Trump and follow his electoral formula, or “die” — i.e., face extinction as a party.  The piece had an obvious target audience — establishment Republicans — with an obvious goal in mind — to get wishy-washy GOP elected officials on board with the President’s agenda. You might expect a critical response from a #NeverTrump conservative like The Weekly Standard’s Bill Kristol or Conservative Review’s Steve Deace. But instead, a progressive Salon columnist, Chauncey DeVega, took the bait and responded in classic

A Totally Serious Salon Blogger Accidentally (Yet Brilliantly) Satirizes the Left

Last Friday, I wrote a piece for The Hill urging establishment Republicans to resist the impulse to abandon President Trump and instead embrace his agenda. If the Republican Party turns against Trump, I argued, “it would be a death blow to conservative resistance and revival in America.” It’s a simple argument: Trump is in sync with the electorate right now, and establishment Republicans generally aren’t. A rejection of Trump’s winning formula (and his unrelenting attacks on progressivism) by party leaders would be a surefire way to kill the GOP and usher in decades of electoral irrelevancy. It would be the

Republicans Must Fight for President Trump… or Be Defeated

This article was posted originally at The Hill. “Is Trump finished?” one of his savviest conservative supporters asked me recently. In other words, will restless Republicans, unable to achieve any legislative victories, turn on the president of the United States? Abandon hope all ye who succumb to this temptation. Turning on Trump is not the first, difficult step to GOP survival; instead, it would be a death blow to conservative resistance and revival in America. The full shock and awe fury of the Left and its media dogs has been unleashed on Trump for one reason: Trump has uncovered the specific

The Democrats’ Plan to Win the House Just Took an Ossoff-Sized Hit

Last night, Republican Karen Handel defeated her Democratic opponent Jon Ossoff by nearly four points in the special election runoff for Georgia’s 6th district. Twitter was awash with arguments about the importance or lack of importance of these results. Republicans were touting the fact that Handel had won in what many in the mainstream media had previously called a referendum election. The Left dismissed the results, explaining away the loss by emphasizing the district’s Republican lean. A closer look shows just how devastating the election was to the Democrats. For several months, political pundits and Democratic operatives have salivated over the possibility of

Why Phil Mickelson’s Reason for Skipping the U.S. Open Left Me Impressed

I’m a casual golf fan, but I have always liked Phil Mickelson. I like “Lefty,” as he is affectionately known, because he is an extreme risk taker and plays all out on almost every hole. That’s why I was initially disappointed to learn he had pulled out from the U.S. Open. But when I found out his reason for withdrawing, it made me an even bigger fan. Via CBS Sports: Lefty has officially withdrawn from the event at Erin Hills, and it marks the first time since 1993 he will miss this tournament. He had played in 23 consecutive U.S. Opens. Mickelson is

One of These Media Headlines Is Not Like the Others

Numbers are just numbers, right? If you don’t think that the media can spin anything to fit a narrative, just take a look at these three headlines on yesterday’s job report numbers: While CNN focused on the positives — they must have not gotten the memo — Politico and The Washington Post both found a way to disparage the report, despite the relatively good news it conveyed. Just compare this coverage to the way both outlets presented a very similar October 2016 jobs report — the final report to come out pre-election: Politico: “Last pre-election jobs report: 161,000 jobs created

Both Parties Are Facing Future-Defining Identity Crises

The American political system is in a state of flux. Both Republicans and Democrats are experiencing mirror-image identity crises as they struggle to define anew who their parties are and what they represent. The late former Pennsylvania Gov. Bob Casey, a Democrat, often said that a national candidate who was both pro-life and clearly fighting for the economic dignity of working Americans could not lose. The coalition built from a candidate whose platform combined those policies would be unbeatable. But neither party is truly taking Gov. Casey’s advice to heart right now. The Democratic Party’s problem is their full-throated support

David Daleiden Is a Hero, and the GOP Better Not Let Him Down

David Daleiden, the project lead of the Center for Medical Progress (CMP), the organization that filmed the Planned Parenthood videos and exposed the abortion behemoth’s inhumane business practice of harvesting baby body parts for profit, has been charged by a California prosecutor with 15 felony counts for his historic feat of citizen journalism. He faces up to 15 years in prison. The man is a hero. It would be extremely disappointing if, after risking his very freedom, President Trump and GOP leadership let Daleiden down by failing to redirect funds away from Planned Parenthood. Daleiden responded to the ridiculous charges