Trump Stumped on Life

It’s no secret that conservatives have been split about Donald Trump. His strong policies on border security and his defense of America’s working class have touched a responsive chord with millions of people. Increasingly, however, Reagan conservatives have serious questions about whether his governing vision is rooted in anything beyond whatever happens to pop into his mind at any given moment. Yesterday’s disastrous exchange with left-wing hit journalist Chris Matthews on the sanctity of life only exacerbated those concerns. It has the potential to severely hurt Trump in Tuesday’s voting in Wisconsin and in the states to follow. Matthews asked

A Tale of Two Governors

Here’s tale of two governors. One is a tale of courage. The other is a tale of cowardice. Governor Pat McCrory of North Carolina recently signed legislation that overturned a Charlotte city ordinance that allowed men who claimed to be women to use women’s restrooms. The new law creates a uniform policy that protects privacy rights and upholds common sense in public facilities. It is sad that we even have to debate this issue today. But this is what happens when a culture can’t even get something as simple as marriage right. The ACLU is vowing to sue the governor,

Time for Trump to Apologize

For many voters, a major part of Donald Trump’s appeal is that he doesn’t apologize for anything. There is a real market for that when the demands for apologies so often come from the censors of left-wing political correctness. But what about apologizing when you have in fact made a mistake, especially one that ends up affirming your critics? That is the position Donald Trump finds himself in today. You probably know the details. An unaffiliated, independent super PAC recently distributed suggestive photos of Melania Trump — photos, by the way, that were taken for GQ magazine 15 years ago.

Silencing Conservatives on Campus

Last week,¬†students at Emory University found messages written in chalk at various places on the campus. Some students were traumatized and complained to the administration that they were afraid and “in pain.” What did they see? Swastikas? Was “KKK” scrawled in large letters on the side of a dorm? Did they see the Arabic writing from the ISIS flag? No. What was so incredibly offensive to these students was, “Trump 2016!” I thought universities were supposed to be places where the free exchange of ideas was welcomed, where diverse opinions were celebrated. Yet these students are having nervous breakdowns over

Republicans for Hillary?

There was a meeting in Washington yesterday of some evangelical conservatives, which I declined to attend. The purpose of the meeting, as it was pitched to me, was to form a third party if Donald Trump ends up winning the Republican presidential nomination. That seemed like a “fool’s errand” to me since 21 states and territories have yet to vote, 946 delegates are still up for grabs and there is still a candidate in the race who could prevail if conservatives would unite behind him — Ted Cruz. In addition, I cannot think of a recent example where a conservative

Obama’s Supremely Bad Nominee

At the White House this morning, President Obama announced his nominee for the Supreme Court — Judge Merrick Garland of the Circuit Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia. The media are dutifully attempting to spin Garland as a “centrist” or a “consensus choice.” Consider this headline from the Los Angeles Times: “It’s Going To Be Hard For Conservatives To Oppose The Careful, Moderate Merrick Garland.” Don’t be fooled, my friends. Barack Obama was never going to nominate a moderate to the Supreme Court. It won’t be hard at all to oppose Merrick Garland. There was considerable concern in

The GOP’s Lesson of 2016: Betrayal Has Consequences

If a good friend or family member cheats you or sells you out to an enemy, that betrayal generates powerful raw emotions and anger. When your friend turns his back on you, it stings and you want to do something about it. I mention this psychological point because, once again, there is exit poll data that should shake the governing and donor class of the Republican Party to its very core. According to CNN 58% of Republican primary voters in Michigan said they felt “betrayed” by the Republican Party. That’s astonishing! And the result has been high in every state

How Romney Just Helped Trump

I am not happy with the prospect of Donald Trump as the Republican presidential nominee. But if you are hoping for someone else to be the nominee, I think what happened Thursday¬†morning hurts rather than helps. Former Massachusetts Governor and 2012 Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney delivered a major speech yesterday morning at the University of Utah attacking Donald Trump. Parts of Romney’s speech were conveniently leaked to major news organizations in advance. Romney called the 2016 front-runner “a phony” and “a fraud.” He said Trump’s “promises are as worthless as a degree from Trump University,” adding that he is

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