The Democrats’ “Better Deal” Isn’t Even Better Messaging

Despite the media’s nonstop obsession with President Trump and Russia, the biggest political story so far this year remains the unbelievable impotence of the Democratic Party. With a Republican President and a Republican Congress, the Democrats would seem to be in a historically advantageous situation — the President’s party traditionally struggles in midterm elections. But as we have written previously, the “beleaguered” Democratic Party is in bad shape going into 2018. With just two or three genuine pick-up opportunities and more than a dozen seats at risk, the Senate is a virtual lock to stay under GOP control. Meanwhile, the House,

Hillary Clinton Is Setting Post-Election Records… for Unpopularity

Bloomberg is out with a new shock poll: just 39 percent of Americans view failed Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton favorably. Meanwhile, according to the same poll, 41 percent of Americans view President Donald Trump favorably. Hillary Clinton is in a league of her own when it comes to failed presidential candidates. Typically, as Gallup explains, failed presidential candidates see a boost in popularity post-election: This was especially true for 2008 runner-up John McCain, who saw an enormous 14-point bump after losing his race against President Obama. But it has not been so true for Hillary Clinton, who has publicly blamed everyone from

PredictIt Plays of the Week: Trump’s Here to Stay, and So Is the GOP Senate

Last week, The National Pulse started a new feature where I take a look at the betting markets over at PredictIt and examine the best opportunities for investment each week. If you’re not sure what PredictIt is, be sure to check out this primer about PredictIt and betting markets in general. I made two predictions in the first edition of this column: LOCK: Obamacare Repeal-and-Replace Ain’t Gonna Happen This Month VALUE PLAY: Could Justice Thomas Be The Next To Retire? I think it’s safe to call the LOCK. The price for NO shares on the Better Care Reconciliation Act passing

EXCLUSIVE: Jack Posobiec Talks Trump, Twitter, and the “Great Meme War”

(This is part two of our interview with Jack Posobiec. Read part one here.) JON SCHWEPPE: So we’ve heard about the “Great Meme War”. Obviously you were a part of that and developed quite a following — 160,000 followers on Twitter. How did that happen? You basically went from being overseas to being one of the most retweeted people on Trump Twitter. JACK POSOBIEC: So I’d always had a Twitter account, but I didn’t always use it for politics. For most of the time I was in the Navy, I just used it for ‘Game of Thrones.’ Seriously. I was

PredictIt Plays of the Week: No Obamacare Repeal, Thomas Next Justice Out?

Have you heard of PredictIt? PredictIt is a prediction market that attempts to “guess” the outcome to a number of political questions. For example, during the 2016 election, PredictIt had a market for “Will Donald Trump win the presidency?”. On PredictIt, you have the opportunity to buy YES shares and NO shares on any of these questions for anywhere between $0.01 and $0.99/share. When the question resolves to a YES, the YES shares will close at $1 and the NO shares will close at $0, and vice versa. This creates a market. When an event is perceived to be more

WATCH: Piers Morgan Blasts Transgender Parent’s Refusal to Assign Baby Gender

Piers Morgan is no conservative — if you don’t believe us, just ask The Heritage Foundation’s Ryan Anderson or Ben Shapiro — but he is certainly going against the grain by objecting to the Left’s ridiculous narrative on gender. In a shocking segment for Good Morning Britain, Piers Morgan sparred with Kori Doty, a Canadian transgender parent who refused to assign her newborn baby with a gender and had the baby’s health card marked with an “unknown” signifier for gender. Watch the explosive confrontation between Morgan and Doty below: After a lengthy initial back and forth about the absurdity of Doty’s non-binary gender

Who Is Jack Posobiec? Meet the Pro-Trump Author, Activist, and Twitter Phenom

I had the opportunity to sit down this week with Jack Posobiec, author of Citizens for Trump: The Inside Story of the People’s Movement to Take Back America. Posobiec is a firestarter, activist, Christian, veteran, citizen journalist, and die-hard Trump supporter from Pennsylvania who gained notoriety in 2016 and 2017 for being an outspoken conservative with a pretty significant Twitter following. Recently, Posobiec made national news when he, along with another pro-Trump protester, Laura Loomer, disrupted a Shakespearean production of Julius Caesar in New York City where the actors had controversially been staging an assassination of President Trump. Posobiec joined

An Inconvenient Truth: The Democrats Can’t Win the House in 2018

If the #Resist movement wants to have a shot at stopping President Trump and the GOP from passing its conservative agenda, they will need the Democrats to win the House of Representatives in 2018. As we have covered at The National Pulse previously, winning the Senate is too steep a hill to climb for Democrats. There are just two GOP senators in peril in 2018 — Sens. Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.) and Dean Heller (R-Nev.) — while there are ten Democratic senators up for re-election in states Trump won in 2016. With the GOP currently possessing a 52-48 majority, it seems highly unlikely that the Democrats

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