Time to Meet the Voters, Marco

Almost six years ago, I received an e-mail from my father encouraging me to go to a small reception for some politician I’d never heard of. As a freshman in college studying politics, I naturally jumped at the chance to 1) get some free food and 2) meet a person whose campaign I might be able to work on. I met Marco Rubio ten days later and was incredibly impressed. He was serious, driven, and had a clear vision of why he wanted to become a Senator. I was also pretty happy to be the same height as the guy. After

Republicans Unite to Fight Common Core in Jeb’s Home State

Just a few years ago, former Florida Governor Jeb Bush was one of the leading proponents of the Common Core and Florida was an early adopter of the standards. What a difference a few years and a lot of hard work from concerned moms makes. In Jeb’s home state, his former constituents are demonstrating their opposition to the Common Core across the political spectrum.  State Representative Debbie Mayfield (R-Vero Beach) has introduced a bill which would return the state education commissioner position to an elected one, presenting an opportunity for Florida voters to reject the Common Core.  Since former Governor Bush changed

Trump: The Out-of-Touch Outsider

Outsiders often respond to the critique that they are inexperienced by countering that the silver lining is their freedom from the problems of Washington.  “Sure, I’ve never been elected, but that’s why the people want me – I’m like them, I know what they’re like and what they want.”  That response falls apart for GOP front runner Donald Trump, who manages to display both flaws in a “yuge” way: The “Deportation Force” – This could demonstrate his lack of understanding of the nation’s current military/ police capabilities.  It could demonstrate that he’s unaware of how sensitive the issue of policing

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