EXCLUSIVE: CCP-Linked Firm Targets U.S. Schoolkids With Chinese ‘Morality and Values’, Shows CCP Military Parades in Schools

Originally published April 27th 2020: Chinese learning platform Lingo Bus, known to censor anti-Chinese Communist Party content, has “donated” services to U.S. schools in an attempt to exploit the shift to online learning as a result of the coronavirus. A broader Chinese language initiative in Utah has led to Chinese Communist Party (CCP) military parades being shown to children in public schools, with teacher Zheng Yamin declaring: “Behind the language is the culture. When we learn Chinese, we are also learning Chinese culture, Chinese morality and values… “…On National Day of China last year, the children watched a grand military


EXCLUSIVE: 60 Minutes’ Trump Critic Doctor Donated to Hillary Clinton 13 Times in TWO MONTHS

Dr. Peter Daszak, the researcher who appeared on 60 Minutes to criticize the Trump administration’s decision to withdraw millions of taxpayer dollars funding his joint research with the Wuhan Institute of Virology, donated to the Hillary Clinton campaign 13 times in 2016. While the segment hammers the Trump administration for letting “pandemic politics” influence its coronavirus response, 60 Minutes is guilty of its own charge: citing political affiliation only when it bolsters their anti-Trump smear campaign but ignoring it if it would force viewers to think twice about Dr. Daszak’s underlying motives. The infectious disease researcher and president of EcoHealth Alliance

German Intel: China Told WHO to Hide Human-to-Human Coronavirus Transmission in Jan

The Chinese Communist Party forced the World Health Organization (WHO) to refrain from notifying the world about human-to-human transmission of the novel coronavirus, causing a “four to six-week delay in fighting” the virus, according to Germany’s Federal Intelligence Service. The recently-released report corroborates the Trump administration’s narrative that China purposely withheld this critical information, delaying the world’s ability to respond: “According to the BND, China has urged the World Health Organization (WHO) to delay a global warning after the outbreak of the virus at the highest level. On January 21, China’s leader Xi Jinping asked WHO chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus

EXCLUSIVE: California Professor Blasts Trump, Insists ‘We Can’t Stop China’s Rise’ In Propaganda Articles For Chinese State Media

Chapman University Professor and de facto Chinese Communist Party propagandist Dr. Jia Wenshan blamed President Trump for the novel coronavirus, alleging he’s a “white supremacist” that must be “swept into the basket of history” in an op-ed for the state-run Chinese media outlet China Global Television Network. While Jia is a professor of communications at the California-based school, he also retains an affiliation with several China-based institutions. He’s an adjunct professor at Shandong University, a research fellow at Renmin University’s National Academy for Development and Strategy, and a senior fellow at the CCP-linked Center for China and Globalization. And he’s

REVEALED: Iowa Republican Miller-Meeks Said She Is ‘Pro-Choice’

Iowa Republican primary candidate Mariannette Miller-Meeks’ declared she was “pro-choice” in 2018, the latest evidence to corroborate her weak record on abortion. It’s further proof that Miller-Meeks’ alleged pro-life stance is mere politicking for votes, clarifying why voters in Iowa can’t trust the three-time congressional race loser to protect the unborn. “I am pro-choice, but it’s a very sensitive issue,” she revealed at a 2018 Ottumwa League of Women Voters candidate forum. The forum centered on if Miller-Meeks or her primary challenger would repeal a bill banning abortions in light of fetal heartbeat detection. “Ultimately as a doctor and a

London Mayor Sadiq Khan Praises Iran’s Coronavirus Response As Superior to UK

London Mayor Sadiq Khan extolled Iran’s coronavirus response as superior to the United Kingdom’s, giving ammunition to the country’s cover up of its disastrous and ineffective control efforts. The infamous President Trump hater and “diversity is our strength” peddler remarked “it appears that Tehran is a bit ahead of us in relation to the virus and how to respond to it,” in a recent video call with Tehran Mayor Pirouz Hanachi. “I congratulate the Iranian officials for this,” he added; the same officials who perpetuate a regime that consistently tramples on freedoms paramount to the West, neglects human rights, and

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