China’s Western Propaganda Group, in 90 U.S. Universities, Promotes ‘Timely, Transparent, Open And Effective’ CCP Response to Coronavirus Outbreak

The Confucius Institute is living up to its reputation as the international propaganda arm of the Chinese Communist Party with its response to the novel coronavirus, extolling the CCP’s response as “timely, transparent, open and effective.” Reality is far different from this CCP-sanctioned narrative: at first, the regime ignored the existence of the virus, repeatedly threatening doctors who raised concerns that “if they kept being stubborn, with such impertinence, and continue this illegal activity, they would be brought to justice.” Even a University of Southampton study concluded a 95 percent reduction in global coronavirus cases would have resulted if the

Belgian Govt Gifts Masks To Refugees, Leaves Hospitals Begging Citizens For Masks

Belgium’s government instructed citizens to wash their hands as an adequate defense against the novel coronavirus. Meanwhile, the country’s sizable refugee population received high-quality protective masks. Minister of Health and Secretary of State for Asylum and Migration Maggie De Block placed an order for over $30,000 worth of surgical masks for the Klein Kasteeltje center for asylum seekers while simultaneously appearing on several television programs to push government’s official recommendation that washing hands was an adequate defense against the potentially deadly virus. And only one of those – masks – is a comprehensive, CDC-approved defense against coronavirus. While the massive

Confucius Institute Targets Elementary School Choir In Quest To Absolve CCP Of Coronavirus Blame

Irish school children are the latest victims of the Chinese Communist Party’s international propaganda machine – the Confucius Institute – which compelled a children’s choir to dedicate a song to China in light of the Coronavirus pandemic. The Chinese song, “Let the World be Full of Love,” and the optics of the performance paint China as the chief victim of the outbreak, ignoring the fact that the CCP’s initial response to the virus was silencing those who raised any concern, accusing the heroic whistleblowers of “making false comments” and “severely disturbing the social order.” Similarly, a University of Southampton study

CBS Glorifies China’s Response to Coronavirus

CBS hailed China’s response to the novel Coronavirus as a “lesson” for the United States, alleging the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) comprehensively “attacked” the virus. It’s a prime example of fake news styled after Chinese propaganda, especially considering the CCP denied the existence of the virus in its infancy and remains unwilling to accept blame for spawning a global pandemic. The only thing the CCP “attacked” was the first Coronavirus whistleblower, Dr. Li Wenliang, who had police sent to his home after he alerted fellow health professionals about the virus. Dr. Li was forced to return to work, forced by the

150,000 Migrants From Coronavirus-Infected Countries Attempted To Enter U.S. Illegally In Just 4 Months

Nearly half of the 300,000 migrants that have attempted to enter the United States illegally since November come from countries with documented cases of the novel coronavirus, according to Department of Homeland Security (DHS) reports. With these dramatic numbers, the case for shutting down the southern border has never been stronger; President Trump’s declaration that “without borders, we don’t have a country” has become even truer, and his America First agenda is even more pressing to implement. The department outline five factors contributing to this virus-induced border crisis: “the sheer volume of migrants, the nationalities represented at the border from

Rep. Banks Calls For Reparations From China: ‘Opportunity, Avenue, And Appetite To Make Them Pay’

Representative Jim Banks called for reparations from the Chinese Communist Party for spawning the novel Coronavirus, asserting there is “opportunity, avenue, and appetite to make China pay” on Tucker Carlson Tonight.  Coronavirus is not the first time the CCP’s relentless pursuit of  power has harmed America’s health and economy. Outsourcing, currency manipulation, and intellectual property theft have unfairly disadvantaged American workers and poor environmental and health standards have led to unprecedented pollution and toxic products for consumers – all while the American political establishment turns a blind eye. But this doctrine of appeasement has been reversed by President Trump, a

Showtime Turns Conservative, Christian Politician Into Gay Adulterer

A Christian, conservative, and married politician transformed into a gay adulterer on a recent episode of Showtime’s “Black Monday.” Airing March 15th, the episode comes just days after prominent, married Democratic politician Andrew Gillum was found alone in a Miami hotel room with a severely intoxicated gay male escort and bags of crystal meth. The former Tallahassee mayor ran a failed gubernatorial campaign against Ron DeSantis, gaining support from several high-profile Democrats including President Obama. Predictably, Hollywood and the legacy media including CBS-owned Showtime turned a blind eye, instead concocting an affair between a lobbyist and a married Republican, playing

Italy ‘Likely’ To Stop Coronavirus Care For Individuals in Poor Health

If the novel coronavirus continues to spread at its current rate, leaving hospital beds and breathing machines in short supply, the Italian government will consider halting treatment for individuals over 80 or in poor health. This desperate measure is part of a new regional protocol written by the Italian government’s crisis management unit, although it’s currently only “draft plans drawn up for the next phase of the crisis.” However, according to reports from The Telegraph, “the document is already complete and only approval from a technical-scientific committee is needed before it is sent to hospitals. The criteria are expected to apply

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