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Two months ago, a major controversy erupted in Iowa over religious liberty and “gender identity” when the state’s Civil Rights Commission put forward guidelines threatening churches which did not conform to the new transgender ideology. According to the Commission, all “non-religious activities” occurring at a church are subject to a new interpretation of Iowa’s Civil […]

It will come as no surprise to most conservatives that Hillary Clinton’s record on religious liberty is not stellar. However, in recent weeks, Clinton has tried to change her image on the issue, claiming that she’s “been fighting to defend religious freedom for years.” But her message change is not convincing everyone. The Republican National […]

Libertarian Party presidential candidate Gary Johnson recently sat down with’s Guy Benson for a fascinating interview covering a number of different topics. In “Part II” of the interview, Johnson intimated that he disagreed with his running mate Bill Weld’s one-time suggestion that Stephen Breyer or Merrick Garland would be ideal Supreme Court nominees, and […]

Earlier this week, Frank Cannon pointed out the transparently biased way in which CNN has reported on the controversy surrounding Hillary Clinton’s “super-predator” comments made during her time as First Lady. While CNN anchor Jake Tapper had brought them up earlier this year in an interview with Bernie Sanders, a CNN story this week said […]

Earlier this week, APP senior fellow and contributor Maggie Gallagher was interviewed by Radio America’s Greg Corombos on religious freedom and the Republican Party. While religious freedom has become a hot-button issue in many places across the country, Gallagher sees one race as being particularly pivotal in deciding how this debate plays out after […]

While Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are clearly the top two candidates in this year’s presidential field, one independent challenger has been building some recent momentum. This would-be spoiler has polled in the low teens nationally; generated a growing social media following; and outlined a compelling plan to destroy ISIS, eliminate America’s national debt, and […]

Earlier this week, Donald Trump was interviewed by the Charisma Podcast Network’s Steve Strang on a number of important election topics, including religious liberty. During their discussion, Trump reiterated his strong support for religious liberty as well as his promise to repeal the Johnson Amendment, a law which has had a chilling effect on religious […]

Yesterday, EducationNext released its annual poll tracking opinions on some of the most hot-button issues in education policy, and the results spelled bad news for the educrat establishment. Chief among the poll’s findings was a continued decline in support for the Common Core standards, which dropped eight points from 58 percent approval in 2015 to […]

A report published by The New Atlantis yesterday casts significant doubt on the prevailing “gender identity” narrative sweeping the nation and raises serious questions about exposing children to a harmful and scientifically suspect gender ideology. The report, authored by Paul McHugh, a professor of psychiatry and behavioral sciences at Johns Hopkins University, and Lawrence Mayer, a professor of […]

As is being widely reported today, Donald Trump made two notable campaign hires, bringing on veteran pollster Kellyanne Conway and Breitbart News chairman Steve Bannon to serve in leadership roles. The moves come as Trump has been languishing in the polls recent weeks, following the conclusion of the party conventions last month. For a campaign […]

Christian colleges in California may be breathing a sigh of relief this week, but elsewhere across the country, the fight to defend religious liberty in education is just beginning. The latest salvo was fired yesterday by the editorial board of The Charlotte Observer, which argued that schools which enforce traditional Christian sexual mores in their […]

Gary Johnson has a religious liberty problem. One would think, based on the fact Johnson is running as a Libertarian, that the former New Mexico governor would be especially sensitive to the complexities of the debate over religious liberty. After all, freedom of religion is the first freedom enumerated in the Bill of Rights, so […]

Jeff Bell, the American Principles Project’s Policy Director and occasional contributor to The Pulse 2016, was recently featured in an interview with National Review writer Neal Freeman about the 2016 election and the rise of Donald Trump. Although some conservatives have strenuously opposed Trump’s nomination as the Republican Party’s standard-bearer in 2016 and have refused to support him, […]

If your only knowledge of Indiana Governor Mike Pence’s stance on education policy comes from articles written in the past week, you can be forgiven for believing that the GOP vice presidential nominee is a staunch opponent of Common Core. Education Week writes that Pence is “anti-Common Core” and that “Indiana, under Pence, was the […]

On the abortion issue, things could not have gone much better for Democrats in 2012. Following Missouri GOP Senate candidate Todd Akin’s now infamous comments on “legitimate rape,” the Democratic Party and its pro-abortion allies went into attack mode, working to tie Akin’s words to GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney and down-ballot Republican candidates. The […]

After keeping silent for most of the week following the Supreme Court’s pro-abortion ruling in Whole Woman’s Health v. Hellerstedt, Donald Trump finally weighed in on the case yesterday in a radio interview, arguing that the outcome would have been different if he were president: “Now if we had Scalia … or if Scalia was […]

Yesterday here at The Pulse 2016, Jane Robbins noted a frightening implication from a federal judge’s recent decision to strike down a Mississippi religious liberty law. It is no longer enough for the left that same-sex couples receive equal treatment under the law when it comes to marriage; they must also receive full approval from […] reports that the National Education Association (NEA) is pledging at least $70,000 — and possibly much more — to push transgender policies in schools and fight state-level religious freedom laws. The plan is expected to be addressed during the NEA’s upcoming meeting in Washington next week: Retired NEA member Jerelee Smith has been tracking […]

Two years ago, the California Department of Managed Care informed state health insurance providers that they could no longer offer health plans that excluded abortion coverage, even if the employers offering those plans had religious objections to abortion. A number of groups immediately challenged the rule on the grounds that it violated federal law, expecting an easy, open-and-shut […]

Recent polling has not looked good for Donald Trump. While the presumptive GOP nominee had closed the gap with Hillary Clinton at the end of last month, June polling has shown her reopening the gap — up to nearly 6 points nationally by RealClearPolitics’ average. Seven of the past eight major national polls have shown […]