Janet Yellen Meets the Right

In my weekly Forbes.com column today, I described the presentations made at a meeting led by American Principles in Action with Federal Reserve Board Chair Janet Yellen and Governor Lael Brainard last Friday.  To read the full column, click here. An excerpt:


Contra Vinik: Rand Paul Silent on Gold

Contrary to Vinik’s assertion, Rand Paul has never, to my knowledge, stated his position on the gold standard.  And our current regime is not monetarist; it is fiduciary. Ralph Benko, internationally published weekly columnist, co-author of The 21st Century Gold Standard, lead


Latest Twist in Audit the Fed Debate

The political firepower generated by Sen. Rand Paul’s Audit the Fed bill is now giving new attention to an alternative or potentially complimentary political response: to shift power from the New York Federal Reserve Bank to other regional Federal Reserve Banks. The


Rand Paul Earns Kudos Not Just Critiques

Steve, Rand Paul never predicted hyperinflation.  He expressed two passing statements of concern in two obscure venues.  That by no means constitutes a prediction. Moreover, Paul received a number of plaudits, not just critiques for his leadership on Audit the Fed.  In addition to John Tamny’s


George Selgin to Fed: Why Object to GAO Audit?

George Selgin, director of Cato’s Center for Monetary and Financial Alternatives and a former professor at the University of Georgia, looks on in bemusement as the Federal Reserve circles the wagons and incites the mainstream media in response to what he considers

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