Hong Kong ‘Beat’ Coronavirus. But Now – After Easing Restrictions Too Fast – It’s Back.

Hong Kong was a model of how to handle the novel coronavirus. But now it’s coming back. In early March, Time magazine called the region “a lodestar for its ability to seemingly keep the disease at bay”, but the mistake of sending people back to work before the virus was truly dealt with was not far off. In the first week of March, Hong Kong tried to return to a semblance of normality. Their cases have ticked up ever since. The key to their initial successes (see February, above) was the aggressive response: By Feb. 1, Taiwan, Hong Kong and

China’s Digital ‘Wu Mao’ Army Target Trump Over Coronavirus

China’s “wu mao”, or “50 cent”, digital army has been relentlessly attacking the United States – especially the timeline of President Trump – since the onset of the COVID-19 coronavirus. Yesterday I detailed how the real-life bots – named for how much they’re believed to be paid per post, not after the rapper – were spreading conspiracy theories about the coronavirus emanating from the United States. Today I wanted to show you just how virulent this problem is becoming, especially in a U.S. election year. “Wu mao” is a term that came to light in 2016. Voice of America reported

Europe Balks, Britain Catches Up Following Weeks of Coronavirus Delay

The French are shuttering. A national coronavirus lockdown for 15 days for just about everyone with the threat of a $150 fine for going out for non-essential reasons. The Germans now consider the threat level to be “high”, and Europe, as a whole, is finally closing its external borders. Italy and Spain, Austria, and the Czech Republic have strict measures in place, while Spain closed its land borders. The Local reports that “[s]chools, universities and creches are closed in Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Norway, Poland, Portugal,  Romania, Russia, Slovakia,

Chinese Bots Flood Twitter to Spread Anti-Trump Coronavirus Conspiracy Theories

Chinese bots have flocked to Twitter since the beginning of the coronavirus public relations effort emanating from Beijing. In the past few days especially, brand new “bot”-like accounts following zero people, and being followed back by no one, have flooded Twitter threads attacking the United States of America, President Trump, and many who believe the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) should have to answer tough questions about the COVID-19 coronavirus. The accounts appear to be flocking to defend Chinese Communist Party state actors such as Lijian Zhao – China’s “Information Department” Deputy Director General, and Lin Songtian, China’s Ambassador to South

New York Times Journalistic Malpractice Reaches Dizzying New Heights with Fawning Hunter Biden ‘Painter’ Piece

The journalistic malpractice at the New York Times has reached dizzying new heights, with the paper publishing a groveling article about the notorious Hunter Biden and his new hobby: painting. The move is far from the investigative reporting one might expect given recent developments surrounding Hunter, his board membership of one of the most corrupt institutions in Europe, and a new court ruling in Ukraine which opens another investigation into former Vice President Joe Biden’s role in the removal of one of the nation’s top prosecutors. As a new case against Joe and Hunter Biden came together on Friday, the

‘Mafia’ Michael Bloomberg, The Bailout Billionaire.

The Chief Investment Officer for Motley Fool Asset Management described presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg’s stranglehold over the financial industry as “the closest thing to a mafia power that exists in finance”. Then-CIO Bill Mann appeared on a Motley Fool financial podcast in 2016, discussing the Bloomberg Terminal apparatus that accounts for a vast majority of Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s immense wealth – much of it from clients funded by the Bush/Obama-era bailouts. The Bloomberg Terminal – effectively a custom keyboard and dual monitors paired with proprietary “Bloomberg Professional” software –  has become a mainstay of corporate elites since the 1980s. “…I


We’re About to See If The Left Will Sell Out for $2 Billion

Michael Bloomberg is against the Green New Deal. He’s been both for and against raising the minimum wage. He’s defended Bain Capital. He’s against teachers’ unions. He’s (now famously) defended stop and frisk. And he’s called himself “more [conservative] than other conservatives”. We’re about to see if the so-called “principled” left will adopt Bloomberg as one of their own, or whether they’ll simply be willing to take his money and run (someone else). Either way, this is a far cry from the left that heckled the right for embracing candidate Donald Trump. “Where are your conservatives principles now!?” they shrieked

Greatest. SOTU. Ever?

Speaker Pelosi’s petulance was the icing on the cake of President Trump’s 1 hour, 18 minute long address last night. Pelosi tore up the President’s remarks about one of the last remaining Tuskegee Airmen, the survival of a child born at 21 weeks, the mourning families of Rocky Jones and Kayla Mueller, Sergeant First Class Townsend Williams and his reunion with his family, and more. Everyone’s favorite State of the Union address will be different, but there can be no doubt that last night’s address will rankly very highly in the decades to come. In large part due to the