Day 144: Biden’s [Too] Long Weekend.

Weekend too demanding? After tea with Queen Elizabeth II, the President’s G7 wrap-up presser was rife with misspeaks and stumbles.  Biden Says Queen Elizabeth II “Reminded Me Of My Mother”. President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden met privately with Queen

Day 142: Biden’s Lagging, Lackadaisical G7 Look.

Candid clips from the G7 summit show the U.S. president looking bumbling and bewildered on the world stage. Elbows-First Diplomacy. The G7 leaders were seen on Friday greeting each other according to peculiar post-pandemic protocol: mask-free, but substituting awkward elbow taps for

Day 141: From America With “LOVE”.

On Day 141, the Bidens brought “love from America”—and Joe blew past Boris in a beeline for his blonde better half. President Joe Biden kicked off his first meeting with a foreign leader abroad by dodging a handshake with Prime Minister Boris