FARNAN: Ballot Harvesting is The Most Systematically Racist Practice in America, And It Stole This Election

As Trump voters peruse the spider veins of the internet to find information prohibited in the main arteries, each is developing his or her favorite compelling piece of evidence that proves election fraud. My favorite is the testimony of Dr. Linda Lee Tarver, the former election integrity liaison to Michigan’s Secretary of State. She also happens to be black, which shouldn’t matter, but it does give her an additional element of historical standing to issue a complaint.  This is the short version of what she said: https://twitter.com/Herbert_L_Reed/status/1333892270869909510 This is her entire statement. To summarize, in the black neighborhoods of Detroit,

FARNAN: Dems Tried to End Trump’s Presidency By Framing General Flynn (Because They Cheat)

In the midst of the current attack on American democracy, it is important to remember that before they tried to steal the 2020 election, the governing oligarchy sought to end Trump’s presidency by framing his National Security Advisor, General Flynn. President Trump has pardoned Flynn which itself is reason to reexamine the ridiculous set-up that led to his prosecution. Following is an excerpt from The Russia Lie, a short ebook about the phony Russia hysteria that Washington first used to target Trump.  After the 2016 election, the Washington insiders who had together orchestrated The Russia Lie switched into a cover-up,

Biden, Corruption, and Ukraine’s Election Interference AGAINST Trump

In 2014, the Obama administration assigned Joe Biden to oversee Ukraine policy.  From that position he likely received a portion of the payola his son Hunter extracted from Burisma, one of the country’s largest energy companies, for firing an unfriendly prosecutor. The political operation, though, was bigger than just a few million dollars funneled to the Biden family. In 2016 Ukraine interfered against Donald Trump in the American presidential election. It did so by launching a false Russian flag operation against the Trump campaign through Fusion GPS, CrowdStrike, and Alexandra Chalupa. Ukraine later admitted the interference and apologized for it.

FARNAN: How The Russia Lie Doomed The Durham Investigation

America is now more than four years into The Russia Lie and nobody has gone to jail for it. The Spygate conspirators have escaped prosecution and, instead, are smiling smugly on the sets of their swank CNN gigs.  How can that be? Well, hate to say it, but once Republicans conceded that Vladimir Putin meddled in the election, it gave the bad guys an airtight alibi. This is their story, and they’re sticking with it:  John Brennan, James Comey, James Clapper et al. will say that whatever they did to stop the Red Menace from interfering in our democracy makes them American

EXCLUSIVE EXCERPT: How The DNC Hired CrowdStrike to Frame Russia for the Hack

U.S. Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe recently declassified information indicating the CIA obtained intelligence in 2016 that the Russians believed the Clinton campaign was trying to falsely associate Russia with the so-called hack of DNC computers. CIA Director John Brennan shared the intelligence with President Obama. They knew, in other words, that the DNC was conducting false Russian flag operation against the Trump campaign. The following is an exclusive excerpt from The Russia Lie that tells the amazing story in detail: On March 19, 2016, Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman, John Podesta, surrendered his emails to an unknown entity in a

FARNAN: Phony Putin Focus Distracted From China

Bureaucracies are bad at many things at the best of times. But they are probably the worst at making adjustments to changing conditions, as today’s House Intelligence Committee report alludes to. America’s military and foreign intelligence capabilities remain fixated on Russia even though the Soviet Union disbanded 29-years ago and nobody thinks Vladimir Putin has designs on conquering Europe. Why is Washington stuck on Russia like the knob on the radio in a 1970 Chrysler Cordoba remains frozen on the top-40 station that played all the groovy hits? Because (1) that’s where the money is; and (2) it is easy.


EXCLUSIVE EXCERPT: ‘The Russia Lie’ Was a Washington Political Hit on an Outsider

Washington D.C. is one of the wealthiest regions in America.  It does not produce cars or computers or software. It produces public policy, for a price, on behalf of national and international clients. The Russia Lie is the story of how federal agencies, pundits, lobbyists, big money donors, and politicians, crossed party lines to defend themselves against an outsider, Donald J. Trump. The sordid mess is difficult to describe in full detail, partly because in the expensive inquiry that followed, the important details were mostly hidden. Ridiculously, as can only happen in clique like Washington, the investigation merged into the

Supporting Riots Won’t Play Well for Democrats in November

The first I heard of the killing of George Floyd was on the Facebook feed of a Ron Paul libertarian who has been questioning the militarization of our police for years. Immediately, the commentary across the political spectrum was sharp condemnation. Most people who have lived past their 20s have seen the look in that police officer’s eyes in some dark place in their memories. Combined with the movement of his knee over the throat, it appeared deliberate and self-satisfied and meant to injure. Although I was willing to concede the possibility that it derived mostly from one man’s personal