Biden Leaks – Reports From the Hard Drive From Hell.

The National Pulse has been the leading investigative news outlet on Hunter Biden's hard drive. Older stories are on the second page.


EXC: Hunter Called ANOTHER Foreign Spy Chief A ‘Close Friend,’ Met KGB-Linked Man With Joe Biden

E-mails from Hunter Biden’s hard drive show the former veep’s son referring to Karim Massimov – head of Kazakhstan’s intelligence and espionage agency who met with Joe Biden – as a “close friend.” Massmiov, who also served as Prime Minister of the country from 2007 to 2012 and 2014 to 2016, now heads Kazakhstan’s National Security Committee (NSC). Kazakhstan’s NSC is the country’s premier intelligence agency and was formed as an offshoot of the Soviet Union’s KGB in 1992, and has retained several former KGB spies as its leadership and employees. Despite these ties, evidently presenting a conflict of interest,


CNN/MSNBC Broadcast ZERO Minutes on Biden Whistleblower Bobulinksi

Analysis of CNN and MSNBC programming reveals the mainstream media networks dedicated 94 minutes to Miles Taylor – the former Trump administration official who revealed himself as the author of an anonymous, scathing anti-Trump op-ed – while spending no time covering Tony Bobulinski, Hunter Biden’s former business partner who insists Joe Biden was heavily involved in his son’s Chinese business deals. The analysis from Newsbusters shows that the two networks gave a grand total of 94 minutes and 28 seconds, with CNN apportioning 50 minutes and 11 seconds to Taylor and MSNBC granting 26 minutes and 16 seconds to him.


REPORT: DOJ Confirms FBI Investigating Hunter Biden Since 2019 In Ongoing Money Laundering Probe

An official from the Department of Justice confirmed that in 2019, the Federal Bureau of Investigation launched a criminal investigation into “Hunter Biden and his associates.” The news comes from Sinclair Broadcast Group reporter James Rosen, who added that the investigation “focused on allegations of money-laundering.” “It remains open and active today,” Rosen noted on Twitter. EXCLUSIVE: A @TheJusticeDept official confirms that in 2019, the @FBI opened up a criminal investigation into "Hunter Biden and his associates," focused on allegations of money-laundering, and that it remains open and active today. More very soon on your @WeAreSinclair stations. — James Rosen

READ: CEFC Chair Thanks Hunter Biden For Intro To Bobulinski, Sends Regards To Biden Family

Documents found on Hunter Biden’s hard drive reveal the former veep’s son introduced Tony Bobulinski to CEFC Chairman Ye Jianming, part of Hunter Biden’s broader “cooperation” with the Chinese Communist Party-linked entity. Also of interest, is Ye’s concluding sentence on the document, where he sends his “best regards to you and your family.” The unearthed documents follow Bobulinski’s interview with Tucker Carlson where he alleged Joe Biden was deeply involved with his son’s foreign business dealings. The document helps to bolster his claims, undermining the mainstream media and Democrat-pushed narrative that the hard drive is a hoax. The document also


READ: Hunter Biden’s $1,000,000 Contract With ‘Spy Chief Of China’ Patrick Ho

Documents found on Hunter Biden’s include a contract which shows the former veep’s son’s $1,000,000 contract with Patrick Ho, the same individual Hunter Biden described as the “spy chief of China” in an audio recording. The contract, an “Attorney Engagement Letter,” appears to show an agreement between Hunter Biden and Patrick Ho, the Secretary General of China Energy Fund Committee. Hunter Biden was expected to provide “counsel to matters related to US law and advice pertaining to the hiring and legal analysis of any US Law Firm of Lawyer.” The fourth section of the document, “Compensation,” reveals that “at the


EXC: Huffy Hunter Expenses Emails – Biden Claims He Is ‘Managing Director’ At Chinese Military-Linked Firm, Demands Massive Cash Reimbursements

Emails found on Hunter Biden’s hard drive reveal he served as the “Managing Director” of CEFC China Energy – a company that has deep ties to the Chinese Communist Party’s military, the PLA. CEFC China Energy recently made headlines following a New York Post exposè highlighting how Hunter Biden leveraged his father’s name to ink deals with the Chinese government-linked entity. The article – ‘Emails reveal how Hunter Biden tried to cash in big on behalf of family with Chinese firm’ – also outlines how Joe Biden may have benefitted financially from the deal. The company, founded by the now-missing Chinese tycoon


Mainstream Nets Dedicate 0.32% Of Airtime To Hunter’s Hard Drive

A study revealed that the “big three” mainstream media networks – ABC, NBC, and CBS – have dedicated a scant .32% of airtime to covering Hunter Biden’s hard drive since the story broke on October 14th. Throughout the two weeks after the first New York Post story dropped on Hunter Biden’s corrupt business dealings and his father’s involvement, the three networks dedicated 21 minutes and 46 seconds out of 113 hours of total programming to the story. Newsbusters calculated the negligible sum from a nearly two-week time period ranging from October 14th to October 27th. In total, ABC spent 65 seconds


EXC: Hunter Email Reveals ‘Wiring Instructions’ for ‘Spy Chief of China’

Emails from Hunter Biden’s laptop show Joe Biden’s brother Jim providing wire transfer instructions to Patrick Ho – a Hong Kong national Hunter Biden described as a “spy chief of China.” In an audio recording obtained by the National Pulse, Hunter Biden is heard describing Ho as both his business partner and a “spy chief of China.” The two were involved with CEFC China Energy – a Chinese Communist Party and People’s Liberation Army-linked entity. An email from March 21, 2018 shared by National Pulse Editor-in-Chief Raheem Kassam on Twitter shows Joe Biden’s brother Jim providing necessary information to complete


BREAKING: Hunter Biden-Led Firm Scrubs Website, ‘See You After The Election!’

Eudora Global, a Hunter Biden-founded investment firm, has taken down its website, replacing it with a picture of an American flag and imploring citizens to vote. The move follows a National Pulse exposè highlighting the group, where Hunter Biden served as Founder from 2009 to 2012, for its involvement in the former veep’s son granting access to the Obama White House to a Mexican businessman. “I have brought every single person you have ever asked me to bring to the F’ing WHite House and the Vice President’s house and the inauguration,” emails from Hunter Biden to Miguel Aleman Magnani read.


EXC: Biden Campaign Co-Chair in Emails That Call John McCain ‘A**hole’, ‘Cranky Old Man’… ‘Despise Him’

An email thread involving Hunter Biden, his business partner Eric Schwerin, Beau Biden, former Senator Ted Kaufman, and Deputy Counsel for then-Vice President Joe Biden Alexander Mackler contains reference to the late Senator John McCain as an “asshole” and “cranky old man.” The news comes shortly after Cindy McCain – Senator McCain’s widow – endorsed Joe Biden’s campaign. Biden himself said the endorsement was “because of what (Trump) talks about how my son [Beau] and John and others who are heroes.” On December 4th of 2014, Schwerin forwarded the news that the late Arizona Senator McCain has “blocked” one of

EXCLUSIVE: Hunter Biden Audio Confesses Partnership With China ‘Spy Chief’… Joe Biden Named as Criminal Case Witness

An audio recording exclusively obtained by the National Pulse reveals Hunter Biden discussing business involvement with a “spy chief of China” and how his business partner Devon Archer named him and his father as witnesses in a Southern District of New York Criminal case. Hunter Biden – in an audio file labelled “Most Genius Shit Ever” – appears to be referencing Patrick Ho, who was a former Secretary for Home Affairs in Hong Kong, as a “spy chief of China” while lamenting how his business partner Ye Jianming of CEFC China Energy had disappeared. Ho was also involved in the

Hunter Biden Called Clinton An ‘A**hole’… ‘Looks Like Sh*t’

Emails from Hunter Biden’s laptop reveal the former veep’s son describing former President Bill Clinton as an “asshole” and remarking he “looks like shit.” The email thread, entitled “Tweet by Jonathan Martin on Twitter,” includes Hunter Biden, business partner Eric Schwerin, and Deputy Counsel to then-Vice President Joe Biden Alexander Mackler. Schwerin flags a tweet from New York Times reporter Jonathan Martin where he relays that Bill Clinton blames “the tougher sentencing provisions from ’94 crime bill on… Biden!” 240 mark: Bill Clinton hangs the tougher sentencing provisions from '94 crime bill on… Biden! — Jonathan Martin (@jmartNYT) April 7, 2016 Eric

EXC: Hunter Biden ‘Brought Every Single Person to White House, VP’s House’ That Foreign Business Partner Wanted, Received Resort Villa Stays, Artwork In Exchange

E-mails obtained by The National Pulse appear to reveal Hunter Biden – son of the former Vice President and current Democratic nominee for President Joe Biden – arranging meetings with White House officials including his father for a Mexican businessmen. In return, Hunter appears to have received artwork, stays at resort villas, and potential involvement in business deals. The individual who provided Hunter with these gifts is Miguel Aleman Magnani. “I really appreciate you letting me stay at your resort villa… I have brought every single person you have ever asked me to bring to the F’ing WHite House and


If the Hard Drive Is “Russian DisInfo” Why Did Biden’s Business Partner Just Lock His Social Media Down?

Eric Schwerin, President of the Rosemont Seneca Partners firm founded by Hunter Biden, has locked his Twitter account after an exclusive National Pulse Report revealing him lobbying Hunter to be appointed to a presidential commission.  Emails obtained by the National Pulse showed how Schwerin “asked” for an appointment “the day after the election in 2008,” a request that materialized. Schwerin – who Joe Biden’s niece Missy Owens referred to as “our Eric” in the email thread – joined President Obama’s Commission for the Preservation of America’s Heritage Abroad. Schwerin was also included in another exclusive National Pulse report, revealing how

EXCLUSIVE: Emails Reveal Biden Family Lobbied For ‘Nepotistic’ Presidential Appointments AND Received Them

Emails between Hunter Biden and his cousin Missy Owens show that the president of Hunter’s Chinese Communist Party-linked firm, Eric Schwerin, repeatedly asked Hunter for an appointment to an Obama/Biden-era presidential commission – a position he ultimately received, The National Pulse can exclusively reveal. After the announcement of Schwerin’s appointment to the Commission for the Preservation of America’s Heritage Abroad, Owens emailed with Hunter to enquire if it was the same person. Or as she put it: “our Eric.” She followed up by asking how she could secure a position for herself or her mother, Valerie Biden Owens, to which

EXC: Joe Biden’s Texts to Hunter Show Ex-VP Had “No Hesitancy” in Helping Son Get $1M From Chinese Communist-Linked Business Partner

A series of text messages between Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden and son Hunter reveals the former Vice President offered “help” with “absolutely no hesitancy” to alleviate his son’s financial issues with one of his business partners tied extensively to the Chinese Communist Party – The National Pulse can exclusively reveal. [powerkit_button size=”md” style=”primary” block=”false” url=”” target=”_blank” nofollow=”false”] Please click here to support our investigative reporting into the Biden family. [/powerkit_button] The Hunter-linked business partner discussed in the texts appears to be Eric Schwerin, which we corroborated using messages between Hunter and Eric around the same time, wherein Hunter Biden


EXC: Rep. Jim Banks Demands State Dept Immediately Disclose Biden/Xi Private Meetings After Govt Initially Gave 3-Year Response Time

Congressman Jim Banks has penned a letter to the U.S. State Department, advocating for the “release of any and all information from former Vice President Joe Biden’s private dinners with Chinese President Xi Jinping” pursuant to a Freedom of Information Act request from The National Pulse. “It is imperative that the release of this information is expedited. With such far reaching national importance as these negotiations may contain, and with a critical election soon facing the United States, there should be no higher priority than completing this FOIA request in a timely manner,” the Indiana Congressman emphasized in a letter

EXC: Is “Peter Henderson” Joe Biden’s E-mail Pseudonym?

Hunter Biden’s e-mail account appears to show that his father, former Vice President Joe Biden, used the pseudonym “Peter Henderson” when trading e-mails with his family, the National Pulse can exclusively reveal. While Biden – or “the big guy” – has his real name attached to his private account for some time, it changed around early 2016, going from “Joseph Biden” to “Peter Henderson” in Hunter’s e-mails. It is unclear whether this change was on Hunter’s end (on his devices) or on Joe’s, but Peter Henderson’s e-mails included messages such as “Keep in touch, Love Dad” and shared links –

EXCLUSIVE: Hunter Successfully Lobbied Joe Biden, Was ‘Totally Credited for Saving The Day’ for Corporate Lobbyists

Newly uncovered e-mails from Hunter Biden’s hard drive reveal he was “totally credited” for lobbying his father, the Vice President of the United States at the time, on behalf of big corporate and union lobbyists, the National Pulse can exclusively reveal. Following the bombshell revelation that Hunter Biden pledged to lobby his Vice President father Joe Biden – contrary to what the Biden family has often claimed – the National Pulse can now reveal how lobbyists “totally credit[ed]” Hunter for “saving the day” for them. Lobbyist Chuck Harple had written to Hunter Biden on December 14 2010. The request was


REVEALED: Hunter Biden Firm Partnered With ‘Arm Of Chinese Military’

Rosemont Realty, an offshoot of Hunter Biden’s Rosemont Seneca Partners consulting firm, was acquired by a Chinese Communist Party-backed firm identified as a “thinly veiled arm of the Chinese military” by a U.S. congressional task force.  In 2015, the Chinese company Gemini Investments acquired a controlling stake in Rosemont Realty, a sister company of the Rosemont Seneca firm Hunter Biden founded in 2009. The Chinese firm pledged $3 billion for “commercial office property acquisitions” in the U.S.; in other words, allowing the firm to control major swaths of American real estate. Gemini Investments is a subsidiary of the Sino-Ocean Group,


Exclusive – Smoking Gun Biden Emails Reveal He Lobbied ‘The Big Guy’ For Political Favors, Claimed: “If I Ask He Will Do It”

An e-mail obtained by The National Pulse appears to confirm suspicions that Hunter Biden agreed to lobby his father, the Vice President of the United States, after being asked to “talk to the big guy.” Not only did Hunter Biden say he would oblige, but he also noted he would be “killed” by White House/Vice Presidential staff if he went “around everyone and straight to [Joe Biden]” – apparently acknowledging the unethical nature of his upcoming action. “The big guy” appears to be a common euphemism for Joe Biden, and appears in previous e-mails published by The New York Post


EXC: Clintons Accepted Up To $100,000 From Hunter Biden’s Chinese Energy Firm

The Clinton Foundation accepted a donation between $50,001 and $100,000 from CEFC China Energy Company, the firm which Democratic Presidential candidate Joe Biden’s son Hunter appears to have leveraged his father’s office to gain equity and kickbacks from. CEFC China Energy is the company implicated in the first New York Post email drop from the article, “Emails reveal how Hunter Biden tried to cash in big on behalf of family with Chinese firm.” Emails obtained by the outlet show how Hunter Biden “pursued lucrative deals involving China’s largest private energy company — including one that he said would be “interesting for


EXC: Kerik Says Trump Should Tap Tom Homan for FBI Chief

Bernie Kerik, the former commissioner of the New York Police Department and associate of Rudy Giuliani, insisted that President Trump should appoint former Acting Director of Immigration and Customs Enforcement Tom Homan as the Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Kerik’s advocacy for Homan’s ascension to the posts is a reaction to the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s (FBI) failure to act on a hard drive containing tens of thousands of incriminating emails on Hunter Biden’s corrupt business dealings with foreign governments and alleged involvement with underage girls. Kerik, who, alongside Giuliania, gained access to a trove of Hunter Biden’s


‘The Big Guy’: Hunter Biden’s Business Partner Confirms Joe Biden Received Kickback From Chinese Energy Deal

Hunter Biden’s business partner Tony Bobulinski alleges that Hunter Biden gave his father, Democratic Presidential candidate Joe Biden, a share of a Chinese Communist Party-linked energy company. Bobulinski, who was in business with Biden in 2017, insists that Joe Biden is “the big guy” – an individual referenced in one of the unearthed emails from Hunter Biden’s laptop who was profiting from the lucrative deals. The deal surrounded CEFC, a Chinese energy company with deep ties to the Chinese Communist Party through its founder and its status as a proxy of the Chinese military, according to the U.S. Department of


Biden Niece Lobbied His White House For Multi-Million Dollar Firms, He ‘Joked’ She Was The ‘Only Reason’ They Worked With U.S. Govt

Valerie “Missy” Owens – the niece of Democratic Presidential candidate Joe Biden – departed her high-profile post in the Obama administration to become a multi-million dollar lobbyist for Coca-Cola. She lobbied a host of federal agencies including the White House office and saw then-Vice President Biden discuss her influence while he publicly praised her company and its involvement in a lucrative Obama administration initiative. The unearthed information follows a trove of email threads and documents exposing Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden’s leveraging his father’s name to ink lucrative lobbying and consulting contracts, often with foreign competitors such as the Chinese


REPORT: Chinese Nationals Work on Facebook Algorithm That Suppressed Hunter Biden Stories

Facebook, which recently censored stories about Hunter Biden’s corrupt business deals with Chinese Communist Party members, reportedly has Chinese nationals working on the algorithms used to suppress the story. According to Sohrab Ahmari of The New York Post, Facebook retains at least six Chinese nationals working on censorship: “There are at least half a dozen “Chinese nationals who are working on censorship,” a former Facebook insider told me last week. “So at some point, they [Facebook bosses] thought, ‘Hey, we’re going to get them H-1B visas so they can do this work.’ The insider shared an internal directory of the team


FBI Confirms Laptop Is Hunter Biden’s, NOT Russian Disinfo After Days of Media Lies

The Federal Bureau of Investigation and Department of Justice are said to concur on the legitimacy of the Hunter Biden laptop recovered last week, a law enforcement source has told CBS news. The news comes after days of media lies about the laptop being a “Russian disinformation” campaign – a thesis CBS’s source says is not true. The revelation comes from CBS News Senior Investigative Correspondent Catherine Herridge: NEW: Law enforcement source tells @CBSNews FBI + DOJ concur with @dni_ratcliffe laptop + emails, said to belong to Hunter Biden, were not part of Russian disinformation campaign + FBI has laptop.


Giuliani Reveals Alleged Evidence of Hunter Biden’s ‘Numerous Pics Of Underage Girls’

Rudy Giuliani revealed that he turned over proof of Democratic Presidential candidate Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden’s lewd involvement with underage girls to the Delaware State Police. Giuliani’s bombshell report, which comes on the heels of a trove of emails and documents exposing Hunter Biden leveraging his father’s connection to ink lucrative lobbying and consulting contracts, alleges that the former veep’s son participated in a naked facetime call with a 14-year-old girl. Giuliani also added that Hunter Biden possessed “numerous pictures of underage girls” during the October 20th Newsmax interview. WATCH: Rudy Giuliani has turned over proof that show Hunter


Democrat Senator Warned in October ’19: ‘Hunter Biden Becomes Hillary’s Emails’

In October of 2019, former Democratic Senator Robert Torricelli predicted that Hunter Biden, the son of Democratic Presidential candidate Joe Biden, would “become Hillary’s emails” if the former veep became the party’s nominee for president.  Torricelli’s clairvoyant comments have materialized as email threads and documents continue to emerge exposing the former veep’s routine leveraging of his father’s name to ink lucrative lobbying and consulting contracts, often with foreign governments including the Chinese Communist Party. Torricelli’s remarks came during a Fox News interview in late October of 2019 with Bill Hemmer and Sandra Smith on “America’s Newsroom.” Torricelli, a New Jersey Congressman from

Biden Campaigns Funneled Over $70,000 To Hunter Biden, Nearly $150,000 To Entire Family

Democratic Presidential candidate Joe Biden has funneled nearly $150,000 to family members from his campaigns and Political Action Committees, including over almost $75,000 to his son Hunter Biden’s law firm. These unearthed numbers come on the heels of a panoply of email threads and documents exposing Hunter Biden’s routine leveraging of his father’s name to ink lucrative lobbying and consulting contracts, often with foreign governments including the Chinese Communist Party. The sizable sum sent to Biden family members throughout the former Veep’s Senate campaigns came from donations. For example, Joe Biden’s Political Action Committee (PAC) “Unite Our States” paid $64,700.07

Presidential Debate Commission Ditches Foreign Policy Focus Following Hunter Biden Laptop Leaks

The third presidential debate – set to take place on Thursday – was originally supposed to center on foreign policy. But following the release of the Hunter Biden e-mails/laptop details in the New York Post, the wildly partisan Presidential Debates Commission announced that would no longer be the case, the effect being the protection of Joe and Hunter Biden. On Friday the Debate Commission announced their topics for Friday, which are bizarrely similar to the first debate topics. The second debate will feature: Fighting COVID-19; American Families; Race in America; Climate Change; National Security; and Leadership. The first debate topics


Twitter Blocks Users Sharing Hunter Biden Stories

Following Facebook, Twitter is the latest social media platform to crack down on the ability of users to share a recent New York Post article highlighting how the son of Democratic Presidential candidate Joe Biden used his father’s position in government as a point of leverage in business dealings. The bombshell article – “Smoking-gun email reveals how Hunter Biden introduced Ukrainian businessman to VP dad” – can no longer be linked to on Twitter just hours after publcation. If users attempt to share the piece, they’re promptly met with a notification that the “tweet could not be sent because the link has

Hunter Biden’s Hard Drive Links Joe Biden to Foreign Lobbying Operations

Hunter Biden introduced his father, then-Vice President Joe Biden, to a top executive at a Ukrainian energy firm less than a year before the elder Biden pressured government officials in Ukraine into firing a prosecutor who was investigating the company, according to emails obtained by The Post. The never-before-revealed meeting is mentioned in a message of appreciation that Vadym Pozharskyi, an adviser to the board of Burisma, allegedly sent Hunter Biden on April 17, 2015, about a year after Hunter joined the Burisma board at a reported salary of up to $50,000 a month. “Dear Hunter, thank you for inviting me to


Biden’s Son-In-Law Shaping Campaign Pandemic Response While Invested In Coronavirus Startups

Democratic Presidential candidate Joe Biden’s son-in-law has advised his presidential campaign on its coronavirus response while simultaneously working at a venture capital firm invested in healthcare startups geared towards combatting the virus. The recently unearthed connection is yet another example of the Biden family intermixing personal business interests with the former veep’s political career and follows an explosive Senate report highlighting Hunter Biden’s corrupt business dealings spanning China, Russia, Ukraine, and more. The individual in question, Howard Krein, is married to Ashley Biden, the candidate’s youngest daughter. According to Politico: “At the same time that Joe Biden’s son-in-law, Howard Krein,


Taxpayers Subsidized Hunter Biden’s Six Trips To China

Hunter Biden, son of Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden, visited China six times as a U.S. Secret Service protectee, forcing taxpayers to subsidize his travel. The findings come from an explosive new senate report highlighting Hunter’s various international corruption schemes, ranging from Russia to China to Ukraine. Of particular interest are his deals with the Chinese Communist Party, such as “BHR Partners,” a joint venture between Rosemont Seneca Partners, an investment fund founded by Hunter Biden and Obama-era Secretary of State John Kerry’s stepson in 2009, and the state-owned Bank of China. The billion-dollar fund was notoriously birthed less than two


In 2009 Joe Biden Hired His Niece From Bill Gates’s Foundation. The 26-Year-Old Then Advised on The U.S.-China Relations Which Enriched Hunter Biden But Crippled America.

During Democratic Presidential Candidate Joe Biden’s Vice Presidential tenure, his 26-year-old niece coordinated the Obama administration’s China approach as a Special Assistant to the Treasury Department’s U.S.-China Strategic and Economic Dialogue. Casey Owens, the latest member of the Biden family to benefit financially or professionally from the former Senator’s connections, joined “the highest-level bilateral economic forum” four years after graduating from college and a stint at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. She wielded considerable influence over the direction of U.S.-China relations between 2009 and 2011, as she described her team as “advising” former Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner and responsible


EXCLUSIVE: Biden-Linked AI Firm and U.S. Social Media Giants Sponsored Beijing Tech Conference Alongside Chinese Military Proxies

American technology companies including Twitter, Facebook, Amazon, and Google have repeatedly attended and sponsored the China-based Global Mobile Internet Conference alongside Chinese Communist Party linked tech companies such as TikTok, Tencent, and firms designated as Chinese military collaborators by the U.S. Department of Defense including Huawei. The annual conference is hosted by Great Wall Club (GWC), a group comprised of executives from Chinese companies such as Tencent and their Silicon Valley counterparts. This collaboration, however, poses a national security threat and runs the risk of intellectual property theft and espionage per the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). Tencent, for example,


While Joe Biden Decimated American Coal, Son’s Firm Made Millions From Chinese Govt-Owned Coal Company

Despite Democratic Presidential candidate Joe Biden declaring “no coal plants in America” and suppressing the industry as Vice President, an investment fund directed by his son Hunter has funneled hundreds of millions of dollars into Chinese Communist Party-owned coal companies. The former Vice President gutted American coal while in office, echoing a similar sentiment on the 2020 campaign trail with dictums such as “getting rid of fossil fuels” and telling coal miners to “learn to code.” Meanwhile, Bohai Harvest, a private equity firm Hunter Biden directed since its 2013 founding, inked a lucrative contract with Yancoal. The majority shareholder of the


REVEALED: Biden-Linked Investment Group Funded Chinese Military Proxy Guilty Of Stealing American Nuclear Technology

An investment firm directed by Democrat Presidential Candidate Joe Biden’s son Hunter funneled millions into China General Nuclear Power Corp, a state-owned power company guilty of stealing American nuclear technology for use by the Chinese Communist Party for decades. In 2017, a naturalized U.S. citizen from Taiwan pleaded guilty to “conspiracy to unlawfully engage or participate in the production or development of special nuclear material outside the U.S.” per the Department of Justice (DOJ). The DOJ charged Allen Ho, a consultant for China General Nuclear Power Company (CGN), with “assisting CGN in procuring U.S.-based nuclear engineers to assist with designing

hunter biden

EXCLUSIVE: Hunter Biden Pictured With Alleged Sexual Abuser of 15-Year-Old Boy Who Faces Two Felony Counts for Sodomy

The National Pulse has obtained a picture of Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden with alleged sexual abuser Terry Bean, who faces two felony counts of third degree sodomy and a misdemeanor sexual abuse charge. The photo appears to be from a U.S. State Dinner held in 2014 for then-President of France, Francois Hollande. Hunter Biden was joined by his ex-wife Kathleen. The two split in 2017. But it is Hunter’s other table-mate that may raise some eyebrows. The son of Presidential candidate Joe Biden is pictured here with Terry Bean, a lifelong Democrat and a former member of the Democratic

Hunter Biden’s Chinese Fund Helped Outsource U.S. Manufacturing Jobs

Hunter Biden’s Chinese investment fund negotiated the outsourcing of American manufacturing jobs in “one of the largest acquisitions by a Chinese company of a U.S.-based automotive manufacturing company in history.”

May the Best Son Win: Trump Jr Wants to Debate Biden Jr… But Where’s Hunter?

Donald Trump Jr., son of the 45th President of the United States, has publicly challenged Hunter Biden, son of likely Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden, to a debate. The elder Trump-Biden showdown won’t be for some time, so why not a warm-up featuring their offspring? The preliminary match before the championship fight. The debate gauntlet – focusing on who has benefited financially from their father’s government position – was issued by Trump Jr. nearly a week ago, with no response from the junior Biden just yet. President Trump’s eldest son declared on Twitter: “The [mainstream media] loves making a false


New York Times Journalistic Malpractice Reaches Dizzying New Heights with Fawning Hunter Biden ‘Painter’ Piece

The journalistic malpractice at the New York Times has reached dizzying new heights, with the paper publishing a groveling article about the notorious Hunter Biden and his new hobby: painting. The move is far from the investigative reporting one might expect given recent developments surrounding Hunter, his board membership of one of the most corrupt institutions in Europe, and a new court ruling in Ukraine which opens another investigation into former Vice President Joe Biden’s role in the removal of one of the nation’s top prosecutors. As a new case against Joe and Hunter Biden came together on Friday, the

Hunter Biden Ordered to Appear in Court

The one-sentence order was prepared by Clinton and Jennifer Lancaster, attorneys for Lunden Alexis Roberts, the mother of Biden’s 16-month-old child.

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