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Europe is Experiencing a MASSIVE New Migrant Crisis Which No One Seems to be Acknowledging.

In 2022 around 330,000 people crossed into Europe illegally, according to Frontex, the European Union’s border agency – the largest number since the Migrant Crisis of 2015-16 and a 64 percent increase on 2021. The figures do not include the 13 million refugees who fled Ukraine and entered the EU due to the conflict with Russia, ten million of whom have subsequently returned home. This is the second year running with a steep increase in the number of migrants crossing into Europe, after a significant lull during the first year of the coronavirus pandemic, with most of them now entering

NELLES: Another Biden-Era Recession Looms in 2023. The Question Is: ‘How Long, and How Painful?’

Low unemployment, moderating inflation, a teetering housing market, and unprecedented household debt all combine to drive economists to tarot cards, animal sacrifice, and Ouija boards to make their next predictions. Deconstructing and reconstructing the issues help gain an understanding of where the economy will go in 2023. Unemployment. Per the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the unemployment rate fell to 3.5 percent in December 2022 – almost full employment.  The layoffs are starting, however, driven by tech companies. Alphabet (Google), Microsoft, Amazon, Salesforce, and Vimeo have announced a combined layoff of nearly 50,000 employees. Strong unemployment numbers drove television pundits to

Is Rick a Catholic?

Some Catholics are upset that a lovely WaPo profile of Rick Santorum and his wife, Karen, and their family’s struggles with raising Bella did not mention he’s a Catholic. Of course, this is after Time magazine called him one of the 25 most influential evangelicals in America. Maggie Gallagher is editor of

Huckabee Was Top-Tier in 2012, Too

Maggie, remember that Huckabee was top-tier in 2012 as well.  A February 2011 Gallup poll showed Huckabee leading the field with 18 percent, followed by Romney and Palin tied at 16 percent.  Then a few months later, he dropped out. Being one of the leaders doesn’t mean much this early in the race, but when the press tries to frame Bush as the front-runner, it helps to remember that he is now favored by just 14 percent of voters, a drop of 9 percentage points in the latest CNN poll, behind Huckabee to be sure.  And it is also noteworthy that at this

Bush, Huckabee Ahead of GOP Pack

Frank, there may be no front-runner, but take a look at this CBS News Poll which asked Republicans who they would support and who they would definitely not support.  Bush and Huckabee lead the field with 49 percent and 46 percent, respectively. Rubio comes next at 37 percent, with Carson, Perry, Walker and Paul all in the low thirties. The only candidate who is strongly upside down on the support question (more people say they would not support him than say they would) is Chris Christie, with 43 percent saying they would not support him versus 28 percent who say they

Why Did Warren Denounce “Audit the Fed”?

Steve, The Hill is reporting Elizabeth Warren had a private lunch with Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen in December: A Warren representative declined to describe what was discussed at the meeting between Yellen and Warren, who frequently criticizes Wall Street. But not the Fed, apparently. Maggie Gallagher is editor of

Warren Now Opposes Audit the Fed

That odd sound you hear is the baying of Keynesian economists, howling with indignity at the effrontery of Senator Rand Paul to propose scrutiny of the Federal Reserve (S. 264, “The Federal Reserve Transparency Act of 2015”, and its companion bill H.R. 24 introduced by Rep. Thomas Massie).  Ralph Benko previously noted that Wall Street and liberal economists have their knives out to savage Rand Paul and protect the Federal Reserve’s fantastic and undemocratic prerogatives. The real significance of Senator Paul’s proposal is the removal of a prohibition against the Government Accountability Office analyzing and critiquing the monetary policy of the

WaPo Tries to Get Christie for Common Core “Flip-Flop”

WaPo today tries to frame Chris Christie as a flip-flopper for changing his mind about Common Core. In 2013 before the Common Core was implemented, Christie said: We’re doing Common Core in New Jersey and we’re going to continue. And this is one of those areas where I’ve agreed more with the president than not, and with (Education) Secretary (Arne) Duncan. They haven’t been perfect on this but they’ve been better than a lot of folks have been in terms of the reform movement and I think that part of the Republican opposition that you see in some corners of

Washington State Judge: Florist Must Do Gay Weddings

Look at this video from ADF about the Washington (state) florist Barronnelle Stutzman: A state judge has just ruled, incredibly, that not only Ms. Stutzman’s business but also her personal assets–her home and savings–can be targeted to pay off the lawyers and the gay couple. Her crime? Refusing to do wedding flowers for a gay couple. She had been their florist for years, and had no problem until they asked her to do their wedding. Look how much this government and this gay couple are willing to hurt a lovely woman in order to create their dream America: they never have

George Selgin to Fed: Why Object to GAO Audit?

George Selgin, director of Cato’s Center for Monetary and Financial Alternatives and a former professor at the University of Georgia, looks on in bemusement as the Federal Reserve circles the wagons and incites the mainstream media in response to what he considers Sen. Rand Paul’s mild-mannered “audit the fed” bill: Evidently these Fed officials were too busy arranging the Fed’s wagons in a big circle to take time to actually read the measure they were so anxious to defend their institution against. Had they bothered they might have noticed that the it calls for the GAO, and not “Congress” (or

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