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Independence Day and the Unalienable Right to Life

On July 4th, 1776, our Founding Fathers signed the Declaration of Independence! Thomas Jefferson penned the first draft and then a committee made up of Jefferson, John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, Roger Sherman and Robert Livingston made revisions. The subsequent draft was edited by the whole Congress and afterward signed by 56 of its members. For his contributions, Jefferson credited Locke, Montesquieu, the Scottish Enlightenment and English efforts for civil liberties.

We would be wise to harken back to those days to rediscover our roots. Our Founders rightfully declared this land to be a sovereign nation, independent from England. The first appeal they made to justify our “separate and equal station” was to reference “the Laws of nature and Nature’s God.” A short list of self-evident truths followed: “that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

The basic meanings of these unalienable rights are hotly contested by two separate camps today. The stark differences between them were put on display in a brief conversation between President Trump’s nominee to the UN counsel in Geneva, Andrew Bremberg, and Democratic Senator Bob Menendez.

During a Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing on Bremberg’s nomination, he and Menendez had a fiery exchange concerning the topic of abortion in the case of rape. After an increasingly tense back and forth, Menendez fired, “should victims of sexual violence be able to terminate the pregnancy where legal?” Bremberg returned with: “Senator, I don’t believe that abortion is a moral solution to any problem.”

In light of UN Security Council Resolution 2467, Menendez continued, “If in a conflict, a woman gets raped and ultimately as a result of that rape ends up with a child, a pregnancy she did not seek and that was forcibly put on her, you are telling me that it will be your position … that woman cannot ultimately have access to a legal abortion?” Bremberg responded, “I am pro-life, I believe that all human life is sacred and that human life begins at conception.” Menendez then concluded for Bremberg: “so when you’re raped, a woman has no rights?” At this point in the exchange, it is clear that the two sides are separated by a seemingly unbridgeable chasm.

The Founding Fathers knew well that according to the Natural Law and Nature’s God, it is always and everywhere impermissible to willfully take innocent human life. They would be legitimately horrified at the suggestion that a mother has a “right” to willfully terminate the life of her own child. Although it is indeed legal by conventional law today, abortion is a contradiction of the intentions of our Founding Fathers as stated in our Declaration of Independence. The protection of life, and particularly innocent life, ought to be recovered as a central tenet of American ideals.

Our Founding Fathers understood liberty as the freedom to act virtuously in defense of others’ unalienable rights and to live as free men within the constraints of Natural Law. As John Adams famously wrote on October 11th, 1798, “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious People. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.”

Abortion is an intrinsically evil and immoral act violating the liberty and most basic right to life of our most vulnerable citizens, children in the womb. There is no such thing as the “freedom” to murder, much less the more egregious offense of terminating innocent life in the womb.

There is no doubt that to commit crimes against God-given unalienable rights is to incur natural guilt and eventual misery if amends are not made. It is a most unnatural act for a mother to terminate the life of her own child, and it leads to long-term suffering for the woman both physically and psychologically. According to the Natural Law, we can never do an evil that a good may come of it. To convince a woman that she has a “right” to terminate the life of her own child can never lead to happiness, but only misery in the end. This has been demonstrated time and again in the aftermath of abortion.

Our Founding Fathers never claimed to be “pro-life” because questions about willfully terminating innocent human life were unthinkable at that time. They would agree with Bremberg’s position that abortion is never a moral solution to any problem. To promote a false right to abortion is not progress but a regress into barbarism. Real progress would be to return to the values laid down in our Declaration and to protect life liberty and the pursuit of happiness for all our citizens.  

Bremberg’s position on life reflects the Founding Fathers intentions while Sen. Menendez’s position reflects a view contrary to the Natural Law. As we celebrate the commemoration of our Declaration of Independence, let us reflect on the vision our Founding Fathers had for the prosperity of this great country. Let us be grateful that there are still some in the public spotlight who would defend the truths of Natural Law when death and licentiousness encroach upon our lives as dusk upon a golden age.

Steven Jonathan Rummelsburg

Steven Jonathan Rummelsburg is a senior fellow at the American Principles Project, a writer in residence and teacher of philosophy and theology at Holy Spirit Preparatory School in Atlanta. He is also a senior contributor to The Imaginative Conservative and has written for numerous venues on matters of faith, culture and education.

  • so instead of a direct quote just more lies and personally attacking me. I can read just fine and so can many others- just reading your response to me is enough to see that you are not interested in truth, only slander and lies, it is truly you who should be ashamed of yourself for all the false and vile things you say. you have taught me a valuable lesson about those on your side of things, like the author, I support equality under the law, you want special treatment and you slander anyone who disagrees with your false narrative you are the bigot- I am pretty sure there are many like me who don’t support your tactics and you put them on public display here. Liar is the appropriate thing to call you and your friends here because nobody says the things you accuse the author of. and you pervert words to make them say something they don’t say. The author wants equality for gays under the law, the difference between him and you is that he knows what equal means and you don’t. so if i were being charitable i would call you ignorant, but it is much worse than that, you are devious with your words. and it is on purpose to deceive and slander, that is bad for society. I don’t think most gay people are like you but it is pretty gross.

    • Poor Augie, your lack of reading comprehension is making you look like a fool.
      I clearly wrote that my comments were directed towards Steven Old Boy. Augie keeps writing about a “we.” Either Augie is also Steven Old Boy writing under another name, or you have serious issues understanding the English language!

      The rest of your silly name-calling post shows you have no morals. Steven wants to deny gay people the rights he takes for granted. The only “special” rights being discussed are the rights you and he get, rights you will deny gay people. Yes, you are immoral.

    • that’s funny, nice tip of the hand, it seems even more obvious now that you are a single person writing as 5 saying the same nonsensical things time and again. What a relief it is to know that there is only one of you, the conversation is sad and empty. you have the moral maturity of a 5 year old. I am pretty sure no one can take you seriously.

    • Augie Old Boy, does this mean “we” is really just you?

      Don’t project your own nonsense onto others.

    • JK none of your comments mean anything, maybe you are just a kid playing on the computer. Does your mommy know you are commenting on this political blog? Or are you secretly working against the gay community to make them look bad? anyway, it looks like no one talks to you anyway except me and that was definitely my mistake.

    • Augie you didn’t answer my question. Why? I take your deflection to mean that you were caught in your silly game. You have nothing to offer humanity other than hateful diatribes. Grow up.

    • what question? and have you answered anything? no you haven’t. you are terrible at communicating. you are a very strange individual.

    • Yes Augie, get out a dictionary and slowly read the first sentence of my previous text. That question.

      Now concentrate real hard. I know you can do it if you try. Take your mind off your obsession with hating gay people and read the question.

    • thats not a question it is an accusation and how weird that you think you have right to have your accusations answered, while you don’t answer legitimate questions. You ask “how long have you been beating your wife?” and react with entitlement when you don’t get an answer? now really this talk is over because the only obvious thing is that you lie, accuse, distort, pervert and now anyone who reads this can see that.

    • deflection.

      Augie Old Boy, does this mean “we” is really just you?

      Why can’t you honestly answer?

    • No honest answer from Augie! I didn’t think he had the moral backbone to honestly respond. This deception is true of everything hateful thing he writes. Bigoted propaganda.

    • your words make me nauseous. I feel terrible for you. Whatever your problem is, I am sorry for your suffering. I am sure it is something severe. its ok if you continue, but I can’t anymore. please get the help you need.

    • Lets try again…

      Augie Old Boy, does this mean “we” is really just you?

      Why can’t you honestly answer?

    • look, i can’t continue this, but I will tell you this, when I said “we” I was talking about me and you. i am willing to criticize the author, but not on the lies you, yourself and you constantly put out there. you are incapable of discussion and I will have no more to do with you or your dishonest slander because you did the same to me.

    • deflection!

      I know plenty of pro life Christians who support gay rights. They are being consistent. My comment was specifically addressed to Steven Old Boy’s belligerent bigotry against God’s gay children. We don’t have to make Stevie Old Boy look bad. He does a good enough job of that on his own.

      Augustine says:
      July 8, 2019 at 8:21 pm
      Give me one direct quote JK- or please stop making all of us look bad, it is embarrassing!

      The “we” you mean is you and Steven Old Boy. This “us” look bad is you and Stevie? Why, when Lil Augie didn’t write this article. How can I do a direct quote of Augie if Steven wrote it?


      Stevie/Augie–you are making a fool of yourself–and a disgusting bigoted one. No slander on my part. It is your actions and words that condemn you.

      Let’s try again…I know it is hard for right wing religionists to tell the truth, but try.

      Augie Old Boy, does this mean “we” is really just you? Do clarify.

      Why can’t you honestly answer? Is honesty not part of your heinous natural law philosophy that bigots love so much?

    • if i said the “us” was you and me, what makes you think you have the right to tell me what I meant? There is no common ground between us, i just wanted to prove it and you have in spades. you don’t know what the truth is.

    • I have every right to dispute a liar. I did not write this article, so it was not “we”. It was Augie/Steven, right?

      Yes, I did not think a bigoted right wing religionist would tell the truth.

  • JK, Patsy, Kaysha,

    you guys are just plain dishonest and you make the pro-choice side look really bad. If you argue against the author its not right just to attack him with false statements, but at least use his words and give a disagreement, you guys are just making stuff up and it is really obvious. You all are making us look bad!

    • I know plenty of pro life Christians who support gay rights. They are being consistent. My commernt was specifically addressed to Steven Old Boy’s beligerant bigotry against God’s gay children. We don’t have to make Stevie Old Boy look bad. He does a good enough job of that on his own.

    • Give me one direct quote JK- or please stop making all of us look bad, it is embarrassing!

    • I am not sure who Augustine’s “we” comprises. I said my comments specifically address Steven Old Boy’s immoral bigotry. Augie either has deficient reading comprehension skills or looks in the mirror when he mutters about dishonesty.

      So being charitable, I will assume he has impaired reading abilities. It is not nice to call people liars. Therefore Augie admits he read Steven’s previous hate screeds and sees no bias against the objects of clear bile—namely the gay people Steven wants the government to deny equality under law. Go back to school and learn how to read.

    • We are referring to his previous articles on this very site. Read his bigotry for yourself.

    • OK,

      I looked back and read articles and comments and you guys are consistently lying about what the author is saying- give me a quote to substantiate that this guy hates life, clearly he doesn’t- he doesn’t hate gays either! Are you guys representative of LGBTQ rights advocates? After reading all your hateful, bigoted and dishonest comments I am beginning to change my mind- please try to be honest and give me a direct quote, not another personal and false attack- you guys should be ashamed of yourselves, we are supposed to be on the same side here.

    • Poor Augie, you really should go back to school and learn reading comprehension skills. Steven Old Boy’s previous writings demand gay people be denied to be treated as equal under the law. Second class citizens. Denied rights he takes for granted. Shunned in public accommodations. You should be ashamed. You do not know what honesty is !

    • If you indeed read this bigot’s previous commentaries, it would be clear that he despises LGBTQ people and brazenly advocates denying them rights under the law. You either haven’t read his obnoxious writings or are intellectually dishonest because you read them and don’t want to admit to his loathsome biases. But no problem. Your overt ignorance and deceit just reinforce the the main point: Steven Rummelsburg is a merchant of hate.

  • This is the same Steven Rummelsburg who recently wrote about how how under his hoped theocracy, gays would be second-class citizens. No equality under the law for anyone but people Rummelsburg likes! The reason: He believes in a medieval philosophy hideously misnamed “natural” law. One of the tenets of this belief system is that rape is a lesser sin than masturbation, since rape could result in a pregnancy. Given that Rummelsburg thinks rape is a lesser sin than masturbation, is it any wonder that he would also use the government to force a woman to carryout a pregnancy created by the crime of rape.

  • It is nice to know that Steven Old Chap respects the lives of the unborn. It is sad though that his previous writings tell us he has contempt for life once born. That’s certainly true of his scalding hatred of God’s gay children. He is pro unborn, but anti-life.