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We’re Back: Introducing The National Pulse

Nearly two years ago, we launched Our initial goal was a modest one: to cover the 2016 Republican presidential primary with a special emphasis on issues of importance to conservative voters. But what began as a more-or-less traditional primary race quickly turned into a revolution few political analysts expected.

The key word: “few.” The Pulse 2016’s unique perspective on the race allowed us to sense the appeal of Donald Trump before nearly anyone else. And throughout the race, as the conventional wisdom continued to write off the possibility of a Trump victory – in both the primary and general elections – our writers continued to warn that the conventional wisdom simply didn’t apply to this race. We tried to give our readers a different and unique perspective on the election, one that cut through the spin to discover the real issues of importance to voters. For, as it turned out, voters were certainly looking for something different.

Despite the fact that the election is over and a new president has been sworn into office, we believe our general mission remains important today, so we are continuing our work covering politics and culture with a new rebrand and a fresh new team of contributors. With a new administration embarking on its first 100 days, a new Congress readying itself to implement an agenda, and new state governments preparing to make changes, the imperative for citizens to be vigilant remains.

With all this in mind, I am pleased to announce the launch of The National Pulse, a project which will extend and expand upon the work The Pulse 2016 started. Our team will continue to provide reporting and in-depth analysis on the issues that matter to conservatives, while also endeavoring to hold politicians – on both sides of the aisle – accountable to the voters they serve. More importantly, we aim to stay in contact with the nation’s pulse, and to convey it to our readers as accurately as we can. After years of disappointing media coverage, the American public deserves no less.

Paul Dupont

Paul Dupont is editor of

  • Good news indeed! Looking forward to reading your analysis and insight. Frank Cannon is one of the sharpest political minds out there.

  • Hopefully you’ll print a headline that doesn’t always have to be “SHOCKING” or “BREAKING” but what is actually happening exciting, boring, good or bad. Just straight TRUTH.????That’s what We want & Need! ✌

  • With Race Over & Leftists behaving like Third World Citizens following a Military Coup we Need Organizational Assistance to Peacefully End their Anarchist Trend or I fear Independent & Crossover Voters will abandon Our POTUS & Cost Us With “One Term”! Trump Voters (even 1 / 4th of Us if Capable) have the Power to Send Hollywood & Left Leaning Corporate Backers of the Soros Types and Sponsors of TV Programs With Loud & Proud Leftist Casts a Message with Real Stinging Power. We Can make Top 20 Programs Ratings fall Faster than a 3 Ton Anvil from the Eiffel Tower. We Have the POWER to Turn H’wood Superheroes (Ben Afflecks, Batman, & The Trump H8ing British Stars – Spider & Superman Films Open as) Mega FLOPS & to Move a Matt Damon, Annette Bening, Meryl Streep & 90% of the Other A Listers Into “Real Kathy Griffin Type” D – Lister’s. To Force HBO to Hire Conservative Alternates to Lefist Anti 1st Amendment Yap – Fest Hosts Bill Maher & John Oliver. We Can cause Sponsors to Flee from, The VIEW (from a Fascists Eyeline), Modern Family & the 85 % of Top 10 Network TV Comedies, Dramas & Syfy & End the Million Dollar + Paydays of Stars who find a Huge Audience Chunk – Truly Deplorable. But, Will WE? Or do We Value Game Of Thrones to The Newest Star Wars Saga more than Keeping Our POTUS Safe 8 Years & Ridding House & Senate of Warren, Franken, a Schumer with Power, Pelosi & Even Renegade POTUS H8ing, Progressive RINOS like Susan Collins & John McCain, etc? I get the Impression most Republicans Don’t believe We’ll Do anything beyond TALK & Of ALL Sacrifices for Our Gr8R Good that Our Beloved Entertainment is too Much a (Risk) for Even The Countries most Diehard Conservatives, Sigh! Lets Prove Otherwise, Please!!!

  • I am very happy to have honest reporting available for discerning readers!! We need to be aware of events affecting the security of our Great Nation!!

  • Please stay on top of Obama and his effort to organize resistors and tear Trump down every chance they get. It’s going to get ugly and the media is already favoring them disrupting Republican Townhalls and labelling the activists “republican Constituents” to make everyone think his voters are unhappy.

  • Accurate, truth, no slant and truly honest reporting would be something new for all Americans.

    I hope your reporting reflects only this. There is no need for another source of news if it’s not factual.

  • What you need, is a tea party, and conservative platform and leave the Republican establishment alone. Because it was the Republican establishment that followed after the Democratic Party and got us into this trouble! And the likes of John McCain, Lindsey Graham, and the likes of them that messed up the Republican Party. Keep this platform and don’t let it slip over to the liberal side again.

  • Keep it Conservative and I’ll continue reading. I was one who was bold enough step out as Ann Coulter did and declare DT would win and win big. I caught some grief but I knew the nation was looking for anything but the status quo.

  • Thank you. We need honest reporting of political and nationwide news instead of the lies and slanted stories the liberal media puts out. We want to hear the truth for a change.

  • I am counting on you for the unvarnished truth; it doesn’t matter whether the news follows my beliefs or not, as long as I can know it is accurate. I have become so distrustful of anything I hear, realizing how gullible I was for so long.