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SPLC Is Fake News, and the Media Should Treat It as Such

The Southern Poverty Law Center is in hot water.

Begun several decades ago with the aim of fighting the influence of the Ku Klux Klan and other such groups, the SPLC has in more recent years begun to drift away from its original mission, conflating opposition to leftist causes such as the LGBT movement with white supremacy and racism. However, while the mainstream media has continued to cite them as an objective authority, there are signs the SPLC may finally have taken things too far.

Yesterday, a Florida evangelical organization, D. James Kennedy Ministries, announced they would be suing the SPLC for defamation after being included on the Center’s oft-cited hate group list. They were labeled an “active hate group” due to their opposition to homosexuality rooted in Christian teaching, a view which evidently, according to the SPLC, puts them on the same level as the white nationalist groups which gathered last week in Charlottesville.

Meanwhile, the SPLC yesterday also published an attack on several social conservative groups, including the American Principles Project (of which I am involved with). What was APP’s crime? Opposing the Left’s imposition of transgender ideology in schools — which is aimed at confusing even more children and trapping them into gender dysphoria for their entire lives.

A word of advice to journalists: when you cite the SPLC, you are referencing a front group for the Left that champions progressive causes and seeks to vilify conservatives and Christians by linking them to the KKK and neo-nazis.

They are not “objective.” They are not even well-intentioned. Any “objective” list that cites a well-respected legal defense organization as a “hate group” like the Alliance Defending Freedom, which recently argued and won a Supreme Court Case 7-2, should be regarded with a healthy dose of skepticism.

The fact that the SPLC felt the need to attack APP’s opposition to the transgender ideology now being foisted our children reveals they aren’t nearly as concerned with “fighting hate” as they are with defeating any and all challenges to the LGBT movement. When a journalist cites SPLC as an “objective” authority, they are promulgating fake news and risk further damaging the media’s already strained credibility.

It’s long past time media outlets begin to recognize and treat the SPLC for what it is: just another progressive group working to enact the Left’s radical agenda.

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Terry Schilling

Terry Schilling is executive director of the American Principles Project.

  • You can’t have it both ways. Conservatives can’t demand the religious liberty to hate gay people but then sue those that use that same liberty to categorize the haters as hate organizations. Stop the hate. Problem solved.

  • People have always blamed God for their bigotry. Slave owners used the Bible’s clear sanction of slavery to justify owning other humans as property. Segregationists found places in the Bible to support separating races. So just because Right wing Christians believe gays deserve less rights than heterosexuals in no way shields them from legitimate condemnation from Christians like myself who are morally repelled by this bigotry. As already mentioned, these organizations actively seek putting gay people in jail. Suing the SPLC won’t change the fact they are hate organizations. I suggest they stop using the government to demonize gays. Stop engaging in hate and maybe people will stop thinking they are hateful.

  • Terry Old Boy is the one lacking objectivity. The hideously misnamed Alliance Defending Freedom is on record advocating putting gay people in jail. You will not find this fact in Terry Old Boy’s edit. Yes, they are a hardcore hate group.