New LGBTQ History Program Coming to Kindergarten Classrooms This Fall

June 5, 2017

by Andrea Moury

Along with being taught the alphabet and how to use glue sticks, starting this fall, some six-year-old students will also be taught the history of LGBTQ people.

The new program, called History Unerased (HUE), includes “age appropriate” material for grades K-12.

Second to fifth graders will be shown short animated videos about people such as gay author Warren Blumenfeld. Children in grades six to eight will be taught about a supposed crossdresser, Sara Rosetta Wakeman, a woman who dressed as a man in order to defend the nation’s capital during the Civil War. High schoolers are offered a variety of curriculum choices on topics such as Title IX, AIDS, Supreme Court decisions, and gay psychiatry.

The group’s goal goes beyond just history classes. It hopes to eventually also infiltrate literature and science classes.

HUE began with a $16,500 grant from the Library of Congress. It has already been taught to 400 teachers from Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, and New York. By next year, HUE hopes to get their content into public schools in New York City, San Diego, and Broward County, Fla.

The group’s next big move is holding weeklong summer training seminars to train K-12 school teachers for a successful launch of its pilot program this coming school year.

HUE has been met with some backlash from organizations like the Massachusetts Family Institute. Andrew Beckwith, president of MFI, stated his concern “that these ideas would be included in classrooms with children as young as 6 years old.” He says, “Teaching quality history, literature, math and any other curriculum does not warrant discussion by kindergartners about a person’s sexual conduct or preferences.”

For activists on the left, however, it would appear HUE is the pot of gold at the end of the LGBTQ rainbow.

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10 comments on “New LGBTQ History Program Coming to Kindergarten Classrooms This Fall”

  • Becky mudd says:

    This is garbage! No six year old needs this crap taught to them. I’m glad my kids aren’t in school anymore. They would have to be homeschooled away from such ungodliness. Turn to Jesus Christ and be set free sin and death.

    • jk105 says:

      Jesus blesses same-sex marriage. God made me Gay! If you turn to Jesus, you support the efforts in this school district.

      Satan side with Mudd Old Girl;

  • MD says:

    So much has been pulled out of school curriculums due to budget such as Drivers Ed, P.E., Home Ec., Art, and many small town schools don’t offer Gifted programs or AP programs. Why can’t the administration and student council focus on kindness to all people and non bullying instead of trying to add in an item to an already stripped curriculum? In this day and age many people are hurting and feel they need particular focus. So why focus on one aspect of humanity? And certainly kindergarten, and elementary school is insanely too early for children to be taught about anyone’s sexual and gender matters. Middle school is too young too. As for high school, teach getting along with people and not hurting others instead of this. From any point of view of the matter I would not trust a public school teacher to teach this in any way shape or form.

  • Mike Hatcher says:

    America was founded on GOD not LGBT. This goes against everything that has been taught in schools since the beginning of education. Teach the children where in the BIBLE that gay is wrong if they want to go to heaven, instead they will go to hell with all the LGBT’s

  • j105 says:

    Of course the totalitarians on the right would ban any discussion that humanizes the people these bigots hate. Poor snowflakes like Andrea Old Girl are having epileptic fits over the fact that they no longer can control the minds of our youth. They can no longer lie about our existence. Thank you Jesus!

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