Massive 30,000+ Survey: 67% Want Trump in 2024, Pence Gets 0%.

A massive National Pulse reader poll has revealed an overwhelming majority of the America First base want a return to the White House for President Donald Trump in 2024, while the MAGA faithful appear to have completely out of love with former Vice President Mike Pence. Asked, “Who Is Your Preferred Republican for 2024?”, a whopping 67 percent chose President Trump. In second place is Florida Governor Ron DeSantis on 17 percent. In third on just three percent is former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. The rest of the field was as follows: President Trump (67%) Governor DeSantis (17%) Mike

#NeverNikki: Gov. Haley Should NOT Be the GOP Choice in 2024

The Republican establishment still doesn’t get it. Donald Trump defeated more than a dozen mainstream Republicans in the 2016 presidential primary with a message of America First. He called out the Iraq War, promised to bring troops home from the Middle East, criticized the outsourcing of American jobs to foreign workers, and vowed to return power to the American people. The establishment, which has always been content to move leftward on social issues, has refused to budge on more war, free trade, increased immigration, and corporate bailouts. Their latest hope in returning to their glory days of the Bush era