The Pulse Exclusive — Carly Fiorina: We Need “a Leader With a Track Record”

In addition to Ted Cruz and Rick Santorum, I also had the opportunity to speak to Carly Fiorina at last weekend’s Practical Federalism Forum in New Hampshire, where I asked her to make her 30-second pitch to the average American voter: The Pulse 2016: Why should Americans vote for you? Carly Fiorina: Because I have a track record of challenging the status quo, of solving problems, of actually producing results.  And what we need now is a leader with a track record of doing all those three things.  I understand the economy, I understand the world, I understand bureaucracies, I

The Pulse Exclusive — Rick Santorum: “Commander-in-Chief Is Not an Entry-Level Position”

While at APP’s Practical Federalism Forum in Hooksett, N.H., last weekend, I had the chance to catch up with Rick Santorum and ask him why he thinks he should be the GOP nominee in 2016: The Pulse 2016: In 30 seconds or less, explain why Americans should vote for you. Former Sen. Rick Santorum: Because commander-in-chief is not an entry-level position.  We need someone with experience who understands the nature of our enemy and has the experience to get the job done.  Someone who understands Washington and has been a fighter and a winner in Washington.  Who understands the cesspool,

The Pulse Exclusive — Ted Cruz: “Americans Are Tired of Campaign Conservatives”

I had the opportunity to catch up with Sen. Ted Cruz Saturday at the Practical Federalism Forum in New Hampshire: ThePulse2016: In 30 seconds or less, explain why Americans should vote for you. Sen. Ted Cruz: I think Americans are tired of campaign conservatives, people who talk a good game on the trail, but they haven’t walked the walk. I think we’re looking for a consistent conservative. Someone who’s been the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow. And in the Republican primary, everyone’s talking about how they’re going to fight Washington. Well, the natural next question is: ‘well, when have you actually stood up

The Pulse Exclusive – Rubio: “Make the 21st Century the American Century”

Continuing our “30 Seconds with the Candidates” series, we caught up with Sen. Marco Rubio in Iowa to ask why Iowans should caucus for him.  Rubio responded with an upbeat message on the future and where he’d like to take America if elected: Iowans should caucus for me because I’m the only candidate talking about the 21st century being the American century.  We have an opportunity to have a country that’s not just great but greater than it’s ever been.  We have a specific policy plan on how to achieve that.  Working together we can make the 21st century the

Santorum Asks Tough Question to GOP Candidates (VIDEO)

I got the chance to talk with Senator Rick Santorum at the National Organization for Marriage (NOM) gala last Thursday night. Santorum was the keynote speaker and spoke at length about the need to defend marriage and religious liberty, especially after the Supreme Court’s decision to invent a constitutional right to marriage in June. I asked the Senator to sum up his thoughts in 30 seconds. Schweppe: “Senator, so some of the GOP elite and some of your fellow presidential candidates have said that it’s time to ‘move on’ from the issue of marriage. What do you say to them?” Santorum: “I would

The Pulse Exclusive – Jindal: “I Am Running to Make Big Changes”

Last Friday, The Pulse 2016 caught up with Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal during his first swing in Iowa as a candidate.  The governor, who is well known for his retail politics, stopped at the Machine Shed Restaurant, a popular stop for Republican candidates, just to meet with voters.  After giving a brief statement to reporters about the Supreme Court’s ruling on marriage, Jindal with his wife Supriya made their way around the restaurant shaking hands, taking photos and answering questions prospective voters had. Heading out of the restaurant Jindal answered a simple question for The Pulse 2016 — why should