A New Gold Standard? Legislation Brings Monetary Debate to Congress

This week, Congressman Alex Mooney (R-W.Va.) reintroduced legislation to make a U.S. dollar convertible into a fixed weight of gold. Much in the spirit of Jack Kemp’s Gold Standard Act of 1984, the bill restores integrity to American wages by re-committing the federal government to the promise that Richard Nixon broke in announcing the closing of the “gold window” in 1971 — that a dollar today would be worth a dollar tomorrow. The introduction of Congressman Mooney’s gold standard legislation was met with immediate praise from the grassroots conservative organization FreedomWorks. It also received support in the American Thinker in

Mooney Money! How This Rep. Is Reviving a Forgotten Economic “Magic Formula”

This week, Congressman Alexander Mooney (R-W.Va.) put the classical gold standard back into congressional purview with his introduction of H.R. 5404 and his excellent Wall Street Journal op-ed, “Steel and Aluminum? Let’s Talk About Gold.” The op-ed served to introduce the bill to the wider world. Adopting it would make the dollar legally convertible to a fixed weight of gold. Kudos to Representative Mooney for putting forward a bill — modeled after Jack Kemp’s Gold Standard Act of 1984 — to spark an important conversation on across-the-board economic growth. As Nathan Lewis has written for Forbes.com, the “Magic Formula” for

2014 Proved Pro-Life Issue is a Winner

In a recent op-ed, Marjorie Dannenfelser and Rep. Alex Mooney (R-WV) wrote on the importance of pro-life principles during the midterm elections: For years, the Democratic Party has relentlessly attacked Republicans who believe in the sanctity of human life. . . .Some Republicans hesitate to fight on social issues. But in 2014, some of them went on offense by coalescing behind legislation to protect babies and women after 20 weeks of pregnancy — when science tells us unborn children can feel pain. Those willing to fight were rewarded, because most Americans have never bought into the extremist Democratic Party platform