Liberal Prof. Ordered to Pay Fine for Destroying Pro-Life Students’ Messages (VIDEO)

A federal court has ordered that a liberal Fresno State University professor must pay $17,000 in damages and undergo training on the First Amendment after he violated the free speech rights of pro-life students on campus. Gregory Thatcher, a professor of public health, disagrees with the pro-life message publicized by the Fresno State Students of Life club. But after the club had chalked some pro-life messages on campus, not only did Thatcher destroy them — he recruited some of his own students to help in the destruction. Alliance Defending Freedom took up the pro-life club’s case, and in Fresno State

ABC News Vilifies Everyday Americans with “Hate Group” Headline

This week, an ABC News headline referred to Alliance Defending Freedom, a Christian nonprofit committed to defending religious liberty in the legal system, as an “anti-LGBT hate group.” ABC reported on a speech delivered by Attorney General Jeff Sessions in the following manner: Sessions addressed members of the Alliance Defending Freedom, which was designated an ‘anti-LGBT hate group’ by the Southern Poverty Law Center in 2016, at the Summit on Religious Liberty at the Ritz-Carlton, Laguna Niguel, in Dana Point, California. What ABC News failed to report was the Southern Poverty Law Center’s clear bias in designating hate groups. The

Are You a Conservative College Student? You Have Rights.

If you are a student on a college campus, there’s a very high likelihood you’re having your free speech rights violated — especially if you’re a conservative. Yesterday, on the first day of #CPAC2017, I attended a lecture called “Understanding Your Rights On Campus” given by Casey Mattox, senior counsel and Director of the Center for Academic Freedom at Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF). ADF has an extensive history defending free speech rights on college campuses successfully, with more than 300 victories in tow so far. But like LeBron James, Tom Brady, and the Chicago Cubs, they’re not done yet. “Your

Washington State Judge: Florist Must Do Gay Weddings

Look at this video from ADF about the Washington (state) florist Barronnelle Stutzman: A state judge has just ruled, incredibly, that not only Ms. Stutzman’s business but also her personal assets–her home and savings–can be targeted to pay off the lawyers and the gay couple. Her crime? Refusing to do wedding flowers for a gay couple. She had been their florist for years, and had no problem until they asked her to do their wedding. Look how much this government and this gay couple are willing to hurt a lovely woman in order to create their dream America: they never have