EXC: Biden/Fauci Digital Director Has History of Racist Tweets – “Ban White People.”

The Digital Director of President Biden’s COVID-19 Response Team has previously shared racist tweets, including calls for “bans” on white people, The National Pulse can today reveal.  The unearthed posts from Clarke Humphrey – a former Deputy Digital Director for the Biden campaign and current member of the Biden White House – are as recent as 2019, while she was working for the Democratic National Committee (DNC). Also the former Director of Online Fundraising for the DNC, Humphrey posted about “banning” white people, as well as a number of other racially-charged, aggressive, hateful messages. Humphrey told a Twitter user “don’t

New Star Wars Show Host Has History of Anti-White, Racist Tweets

Krystina Arielle, the host of the newly announced Star Wars: The High Republic Show, has a history of anti-white, racist tweets. Arielle’s tweets were written in 2020 and contain attacks on white people – especially conservatives and women. On March 23rd, 2020, she told white people to “fucking stop it” before generalizing that the entire race was “racist” and “ignorant”: Arielle has also attack “white conservatives” and “white women” as enabling racism and white supremacy: Arielle has also insisted that she doesn’t “owe White people a conversation about racism”: The official Star Wars Twitter account doubled down on their support

Ossoff Staffer Exposed For Anti-White, Asian Posts Locks Twitter

Jon Ossoff’s Deputy Digital Organizing Director Kiayna O’Neal locked her Twitter account following a National Pulse exposé highlighting her history of anti-White tweets. Hours prior to the piece, O’Neal’s page was public, meaning anyone could access her old tweets. Now, however, her account has been set to private, allowing O’Neal to vet who can see her tweets. Tweets unearthed by The National Pulse date back to 2011 and 2012. They reveal O’Neal’s disdain for black men having relationships with white women, as she lamented a man “picking a white one” and a man being “with a white woman.” READ O’NEAL’S TWEETS HERE.

Racist Cambridge Professor Insists ‘White Lives Don’t Matter,’ Calls To ‘Abolish Whiteness’

A Senior Cambridge University professor has sent a barrage of racist tweets, including calls to “abolish whiteness” and declaring “White Lives Don’t Matter.” A reader of Anglophone and Related Literature at Cambridge University’s Churchill College, Priyamvada Gopal’s areas of study includes far-left fields such as “gender and feminism, Marxism, critical race studies, and the politics and cultures of empire and globalization.” She sent the messages to her nearly 50,000 twitter followers: This follows several American university professors being fired for daring to challenge the left-wing orthodoxy on support for the Black Lives Matter movement, reinvigorated in the wake of George