Ballot Sent To Man Dead More Than 20 Years

An individual in the critical swing state of Florida received two mail-in ballots for her deceased family members, including an individual who has been dead for nearly 25 years. According to local reporting: Dee Dee Maynard, who lives in Fort Pierce, said her family received two official sample ballots in the mail: one for her grandfather and another for his wife.  But there’s a problem.  “My grandfather died in 1996,” Maynard said. “My grandmother passed away in 2010. Why would they still get ballots?” READ MORE HERE.

Ballot Collection Box Targeted By Arsonist, FBI Investigating

A ballot collection box in Boston, Massachusetts appears to have been intentionally set ablaze, rendering nearly 40 ballots contained inside unable to be counted in the election. The case is currently under investigation by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). According to local reports: The Boston Elections Department notified Galvin’s office that the fire was set at about 4 a.m. in the ballot drop box outside of the Boston Public Library’s main branch in Copley Square. Boston police said officers responded at 4:11 a.m. to the area of 700 Boylston St., which is the location of the library’s main branch.

12,000 Jersey Shore Ballots Returned As ‘Undeliverable’

New Jersey has seen more than 12,000 ballots sent to its voters that have been returned as “undeliverable.” Voting officials note these ballots have been sent to counties including Monmouth and Ocean that comprise the Jersey Shore area. “Just talking about the manpower, the postage, the printing costs, it is tremendously difficult. And the post office in New Jersey has never handled this many ballots, and the Board of Elections has never received this many ballots,” a voting official remarked. READ MORE HERE.

Postal Carrier Charged With Mail-In Ballot Theft

A postal carrier in Miami, Florida was charged with stealing a mail-in ballot. According to ABC news: “A U.S. Postal Service carrier is accused of stealing a Miami-Dade County mail-in ballot, 10 gift cards and four prepaid debit cards earlier this month, federal authorities said. A federal complaint filed by the U.S. Postal Service Office of Inspector General said that between Oct. 5 and 16, Crystal Nicole Myrie “embezzled letters, postal cards and mail which came into her possession intended to be carried or delivered by her,” the Miami Herald reported.” READ MORE HERE.  

Pennsylvania Rejects Nearly 400,000 Mail-In Ballots

The critical swing state of Pennsylvania has seen 372,000 mail-in ballots denied by election officials. The significant majority – more than 90 percent – was denied as duplicates because individuals who requested mail-in ballots for the state’s earlier primary had forgotten they selected mail-in voting for the general election. According to ProPublica, outside activist groups have contributed to confusion over the process of selecting mail-in ballots over in-person voting: “Voters have also been baffled by unclear or inaccurate information on the state’s ballot-tracking website, and by a wave of mail ballot applications from political parties and get-out-the-vote groups.” The mail-in

Associated Press: Mass Mail-In Voting Has Led to ‘High Profile Errors’

While political pundits with no experience of the logistics behind mail-in voting claim there are no issues with mass mail-in ballots, fact-based reports on the matter are beginning to differ. As I warned earlier this year, most Western nations that use mail-in voting no longer try to get this done en masse. In the words of Dr. Stuart Wilks-Heeg of the University of Liverpool: “Greater use of postal voting has made UK elections far more vulnerable to fraud and resulted in several instances of large-scale fraud.” Now the United States faces the same, with the Associated Press admitting in its

Over 110 Ballots Discarded By Postal Worker In Kentucky

Over 100 absentee ballots intended for voters in Louisville, Kentucky, were found abandoned in a dumpster. The 112 ballots were found discarded in Jefferson County and included an additional two political flyers. The U.S. Postal Service Office of the Inspector General confirmed that the employee responsible for discarding the mail had lost their job as a result. READ MORE HERE.

EXC: Biden Donor Group Sends 225,000+ Ballot Requests, Including for DEAD Citizens

A self-described “voter participation” group which donates exclusively to Democrats and Joe Biden’s presidential campaign has been caught making en masse ballot requests for deceased people. The Center for Voter Information was described by the Washington Post as having “a history of sending error-ridden mailers” but also labeled it “nonpartisan” – a farcical and manifestly false claim. The group is responsible for sending over 225,000 ballot request forms to residents in Texas, many of whom are deceased. As reported by local news, one individual received multiple ballot request forms for her deceased husband: “Kristen Link received four ballot request forms in

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