There He Goes Again: Jeb Bush Still Interfering in Education

There is no doubt that former Florida Governor Jeb Bush supports Common Core and the privatization of public schools with imposition of the Common Core on private schools. There is also no doubt that his support for these disastrous education policies scuttled his presidential campaign. So why is he continuing to push such terrible policy ideas through his state and national foundations, as well as through his close ties to his friend and fellow board member Betsy DeVos at the U.S. Department of Education (USED)? To answer that question, we need to look more in detail at one particular policy

Will Trump Finally End Common Core? These Activists Hope So…

Last week, The Huffington Post noted that, absent a strong intervention by President Donald Trump himself, his team is taking a pretty lackadaisical attitude to Common Core so far: During the campaign and in the weeks following his election, Trump’s pledge to end the Common Core, a set of education goals that has stirred controversy on both sides of the aisle, became a popular refrain, often greeted by thunderous applause. But since taking office, the president seems to have dropped the topic, anti-Common Core activists say. I decided to check back in with Heather Crossin, one of the two pioneering Common Core

4 Likes, 2 Dislikes from Trump’s First 50 Days

Generally, the first 50 days of the Trump Administration have been an absolute joy to watch. The media and the Left have been apoplectic as President Trump largely honors his campaign promises and does exactly what he said he would do. Truthfully, Trump has been everything we hoped he would be and more. Still, that’s not to say there haven’t been some disappointments. Here are four things I like and two things I dislike from the first 50 days: Like: Supreme Court Nominee Neil Gorsuch When the late Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia passed away last February, many conservatives understandably

4 Ways Trump Can Keep His Promises on Education

Despite consistently promising to end Common Core in nearly every stump speech as a candidate, which was likely one key aspect of his stunning election victory, those words “Common Core” seem to have disappeared from now-President Donald Trump’s political lexicon. The academically inferior, developmentally inappropriate, and psychologically manipulative standards were not mentioned in either his CPAC speech or his very well-received address to a joint session of Congress. This has been ably pointed out by many colleagues in the education freedom fight, like Frank Cannon, president of the American Principles Project, and journalistic observers of the education scene like Fred

Remember These 2 Words? Trump Hasn’t Said Them Yet in 2017

A staple in his campaign speeches in 2016, then-candidate Donald Trump frequently promised to get rid of Common Core: I always say, ‘thumbs up for the Second Amendment. Thumbs down for Common Core.’ We’re gonna bring education back to the states and back to the people and the parents. – Donald Trump, Tulsa, Okla., January 2016 But since the start of the year, and specifically, since picking Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos, who was previously pro-Common Core, President Trump has stopped talking about Common Core altogether. Why? In The Weekly Standard, Fred Barnes asked that question: What happened to Common

Trump Admininistration Withdraws Obama Transgender Guidelines

On Wednesday, the Departments of Education and Justice jointly issued a “Dear Colleague” letter, withdrawing Obama era guidelines dictating that U.S. schools allow transgender students access to facilities – such as bathrooms and locker rooms — matching the students’ “gender identity” rather than their biological sex. With the publishing of this letter, the question of how to handle access to bathrooms and locker rooms while balancing privacy concerns for all students is now up to individual states and school districts. The letter included a promise from the Department of Education to hear discrimination claims and “ensure that all students, including

Will Trump and DeVos Protect Preschoolers from Transgender Ideologues?

In good news this week for student privacy and safety, the Trump administration announced it would be dropping objections raised by the Obama Justice Department (DOJ) to a nationwide injunction from a Texas judge against transgender student access to bathrooms and locker rooms corresponding to gender identity instead of biological sex. Oral arguments were to have begun this past week in the case, the first time federal courts have been asked to review whether laws prohibiting sex discrimination also apply to gender identity, a subjective and changeable construct. A preponderance of research shows that most gender confused youth return to