Potential High-Profile Biden Cabinet Member Advises Chinese Communist Party-Linked Firms

Former Congressman Charlie Dent, who has been floated for a “high-profile” Cabinet position in the Biden administration, serves as a Senior Policy Advisor for DLA Piper – a law firm with extensive links to the Chinese Communist Party. Dent, a Pennsylvania Congressman from 2005 to 2018, is one of many establishment Republicans being “floated for possible Biden Cabinet posts” according to campaign-confirmed reports published by Politico. Dent along with Senator Jeff Flake, former Ohio Governor John Kasich, and more are said to be on the “shortlists of candidates for high-profile Cabinet positions.” Dent, however, has copious ties to the Chinese

REPORT: Chinese Nationals Work on Facebook Algorithm That Suppressed Hunter Biden Stories

Facebook, which recently censored stories about Hunter Biden’s corrupt business deals with Chinese Communist Party members, reportedly has Chinese nationals working on the algorithms used to suppress the story. According to Sohrab Ahmari of The New York Post, Facebook retains at least six Chinese nationals working on censorship: “There are at least half a dozen “Chinese nationals who are working on censorship,” a former Facebook insider told me last week. “So at some point, they [Facebook bosses] thought, ‘Hey, we’re going to get them H-1B visas so they can do this work.’ The insider shared an internal directory of the team

Democrat Senator Warned in October ’19: ‘Hunter Biden Becomes Hillary’s Emails’

In October of 2019, former Democratic Senator Robert Torricelli predicted that Hunter Biden, the son of Democratic Presidential candidate Joe Biden, would “become Hillary’s emails” if the former veep became the party’s nominee for president.  Torricelli’s clairvoyant comments have materialized as email threads and documents continue to emerge exposing the former veep’s routine leveraging of his father’s name to ink lucrative lobbying and consulting contracts, often with foreign governments including the Chinese Communist Party. Torricelli’s remarks came during a Fox News interview in late October of 2019 with Bill Hemmer and Sandra Smith on “America’s Newsroom.” Torricelli, a New Jersey Congressman from

Biden Campaigns Funneled Over $70,000 To Hunter Biden, Nearly $150,000 To Entire Family

Democratic Presidential candidate Joe Biden has funneled nearly $150,000 to family members from his campaigns and Political Action Committees, including over almost $75,000 to his son Hunter Biden’s law firm. These unearthed numbers come on the heels of a panoply of email threads and documents exposing Hunter Biden’s routine leveraging of his father’s name to ink lucrative lobbying and consulting contracts, often with foreign governments including the Chinese Communist Party. The sizable sum sent to Biden family members throughout the former Veep’s Senate campaigns came from donations. For example, Joe Biden’s Political Action Committee (PAC) “Unite Our States” paid $64,700.07

Presidential Debate Commission Ditches Foreign Policy Focus Following Hunter Biden Laptop Leaks

The third presidential debate – set to take place on Thursday – was originally supposed to center on foreign policy. But following the release of the Hunter Biden e-mails/laptop details in the New York Post, the wildly partisan Presidential Debates Commission announced that would no longer be the case, the effect being the protection of Joe and Hunter Biden. On Friday the Debate Commission announced their topics for Friday, which are bizarrely similar to the first debate topics. The second debate will feature: Fighting COVID-19; American Families; Race in America; Climate Change; National Security; and Leadership. The first debate topics

Biden Granddaughter ‘Couldn’t Agree More’ That Joe Will Implement ‘Agenda Of Far Left’

Naomi Biden, the granddaughter of Democratic Presidential candidate Joe Biden, affirmed she “couldn’t agree more” with Vice President Mike Pence’s warning that, if elected, the former veep would implement the “agenda of the radical left.” Naomi, the 26-year-old daughter of Hunter Biden, has been highly active in the Biden-Harris campaign, speaking at the Democratic National Convention and several campaign events along with frequently attacking President Trump on Twitter. On July 12th, Naomi Biden responded to a tweet from Donald Trump Jr. which linked to an article entitled “Pence: Only Thing Standing Between America and Agenda of Far Left Is 4

Biden, Corruption, and Ukraine’s Election Interference AGAINST Trump

In 2014, the Obama administration assigned Joe Biden to oversee Ukraine policy.  From that position he likely received a portion of the payola his son Hunter extracted from Burisma, one of the country’s largest energy companies, for firing an unfriendly prosecutor. The political operation, though, was bigger than just a few million dollars funneled to the Biden family. In 2016 Ukraine interfered against Donald Trump in the American presidential election. It did so by launching a false Russian flag operation against the Trump campaign through Fusion GPS, CrowdStrike, and Alexandra Chalupa. Ukraine later admitted the interference and apologized for it.

EXC: Biden Donor Group Sends 225,000+ Ballot Requests, Including for DEAD Citizens

A self-described “voter participation” group which donates exclusively to Democrats and Joe Biden’s presidential campaign has been caught making en masse ballot requests for deceased people. The Center for Voter Information was described by the Washington Post as having “a history of sending error-ridden mailers” but also labeled it “nonpartisan” – a farcical and manifestly false claim. The group is responsible for sending over 225,000 ballot request forms to residents in Texas, many of whom are deceased. As reported by local news, one individual received multiple ballot request forms for her deceased husband: “Kristen Link received four ballot request forms in

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