KASSAM: The CCP Virus Is Almost A Year Old And ‘The Experts’ Still Don’t Know Where The Heck It Came From

Almost the entire establishment, governmental, and media response to this CCP virus pandemic has been a farce – as the responses of the experts always are. According to geneticist Peter Foster of the University of Cambridge, the first novel coronavirus outbreaks may have occurred as early as September 2019, meaning we’re fast approaching the one year anniversary of the virus that plunged the world into unprecedented economic, social, cultural, and political chaos. Although consensus views gravitate towards November for the first case of the Chinese Communist Party’s virus, we know that consensus has often been wrong about this pandemic. So

UN-Linked Biotech Expert Claims COVID-19 is Man-Made Bioweapon From Chinese Military Lab

World Academy of Biomedical Sciences president and renowned biotech expert Giuseppe Tritto has alleged that COVID-19 was man-made, hailing from a Chinese military-led experiment, and that it’s “extremely unlikely” that a successful vaccine will be invented. The explosive charges come from Tritto’s new book, China COVID 19: The Chimera That Changed The World.  Published in Italian, the nearly 300-page book contends that China conducted bioengineering experiments with financial and personnel assistance from France and the U.S. While the collaboration sought to develop vaccines against diseases such as SARS, it morphed into more dangerous research under the auspices of the Chinese military.

GOP Rep Authors Bill to Allow Prosecution of China over COVID-19 Outbreak

Rep. Lance Gooden introduced the Stop COVID Act, designed to give the Department of Justice the ability to hold the Chinese Communist Party responsible for the novel coronavirus if it is proved they manufactured the deadly disease. The bill – short for “Stop China-Originated Viral Infectious Disease Act” – will “give our legal system the power to investigate the origin of the virus and, if found guilty, hold accountable those responsible for creating and releasing it,” according to Rep. Gooden. It would reverse China’s current “immunity from US litigation, even if it becomes known that China manufactured this deadly virus,”