Democrat Mayor, BLM Activist Hit With 11 Child Sex Felony Charges.

A former California Democrat mayor and vocal Black Lives Matter (BLM) activist has been charged with almost a dozen felony crimes connected to a child sexual assault investigation. Robert Jacob, progressive former mayor of Sebastopol in Sonoma County, Northern California, was arrested for “five felony and one misdemeanor sexual assault charges against a minor,” according to a statement from the Sebastopol Police Department. Last Tuesday, when he appeared in the Sonoma County Superior Court, the number of Jacob’s felony charges was increased to 11. Jacob has been a proponent of “defunding the police,” as had child sex offender Christopher DeVries

BLM Rioters Harassed Cops, Outdoor Diners, & Trashed the Columbus Statue Near U.S. Capitol And Barely Anyone Reported It.

A group of over a hundred protestors against police violence gathered in downtown Washington, D.C. Friday night, harassing outdoor diners and getting into aggressive confrontations with police officers. A hundred and seventy-five people assembled in Black Lives Matter (BLM) Plaza Friday night for a rally to protest “recent police killings of Black people across the country,” including Daunte Wright, killed outside Minneapolis by police earlier this week, and Adam Toledo, a 13-year-old teen shot in Chicago. The crowd of protestors chanted the names of the victims. The rioters also caused mass vandalism around the Union Station area, defacing a statue

1 in 3 BLM/AntiFa Rioters Are Having Their Cases Dismissed by Biden’s Dept of Justice.

Federal prosecutors have dismissed over one-third of cases from the violent AntiFa and Black Lives Matter riots occurring in Portland last summer. “KGW reviewed federal court records and found 31 of the 90 protest cases have been dismissed by the U.S. Department of Justice, including a mix of misdemeanor and felony charges,” a local news outlet revealed. More than half of the cases dropped were “dismissed with prejudice,” which means the case can’t be brought back to court, and at least 11 of the dismissals occurred on or after the inauguration of President Joe Biden. And some of the cases

DC Mayor Bowser Demands Businesses “Pull Down” Boards Erected to Defend Against BLM Rioters.

Washington, DC Mayor and Chinese Communist ally Muriel Bowser is demanding the removal of security boards originally erected to protect businesses against the Black Lives Matter rioters of 2020. In a brazen display of how the left encouraged violent riots, cost businesses billions, and supported murders across the country, Bowser is now demanding businesses expose their shop fronts. Those who don’t, she says, need to be “reminded” by the public. She ended her tweet this afternoon with the hashtag #DCisOpen. But DC wasn’t open during the last year of the Trump administration when Democrats incited violence across the nation, leading

Sadiq Khan Blasted for London’s Pro-BLM Fireworks

London Mayor Sadiq Khan has received harsh criticism for his “woke” New Year’s Eve fireworks, which contained tributes to the Black Lives Matter movement and the European Union. The BBC-backed program cost taxpayers a whopping $2,050,950 was kept a mystery by Khan to prevent in-person crowds from gathering to view the fireworks. Occurring on the River Thames, the show contained a host of “woke” messages including several Black Lives Matter (BLM) fists appearing in the sky while George the Poet – who turned down an Order of the British Empire due to the empire’s “pure evil” – read an extract

BLM Organizer Charged on Six Counts of Child Sex Abuse, Possession of Images of Underage Girls

Christopher DeVries, organizer, and leader of a Black Lives Matter/Defund The Police protest he named ‘Skate Away the Hate’ has been arrested on six counts of possession of child sex abuse images. DeVries, a resident of Jackson, New Hampshire, served on the Municipal Budget Committee for the town of Conway in the Granite State. In addition to child abuse charges, he was also charged for falsifying physical evidence after he threw his cellphone from his porch when law enforcement arrived. The child abuse images allegedly show underage girls either in “lewd exhibition” of private parts, or engaging in sexual activity.