Both Parties Are Facing Future-Defining Identity Crises

The American political system is in a state of flux. Both Republicans and Democrats are experiencing mirror-image identity crises as they struggle to define anew who their parties are and what they represent. The late former Pennsylvania Gov. Bob Casey, a Democrat, often said that a national candidate who was both pro-life and clearly fighting for the economic dignity of working Americans could not lose. The coalition built from a candidate whose platform combined those policies would be unbeatable. But neither party is truly taking Gov. Casey’s advice to heart right now. The Democratic Party’s problem is their full-throated support

Sen. Bob Casey Goes Full Leftist, Rejects Gorsuch

In case there was any doubt that Senator Bob Casey Jr.’s (D-Pa.) transformation into a hard leftist was real, it’s been confirmed by his announcement this past week that he will vote against confirming Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court. So why should Pennsylvanians and non-Pennsylvanians care? First, a little history. Casey is the son of Bob Casey Sr., one of the last few truly courageous politicians. Casey Sr. was a Democrat who served two terms as governor of Pennsylvania and was one of the old breed of Pennsylvania Democrats: Catholic, son of a Democrat, supporter of gun rights, and, most