Repeat Boosters Could Weaken Immune System Say European Regulators.

Regulators for the European Union have issued a warning that frequent COVID-19 booster shots could have an adverse affect on the immune system, and may not be a feasible means of combating the pandemic. The European Medicines Agency (EMA) reported that having repeat booster shots every four months could weaken the human immune system. Marco Cavaleri, the EMA’s head of Biological Health Threats and Vaccine Strategy stated in a press briefing that boosters “can be done one or maybe twice, but we don’t think it should be repeated all the time.” He continued, “We need to think about how we can

Trump Appears to Call Ron DeSantis ‘Gutless’ For Refusing to Declare ‘Booster’ Status.

Former President Donald J. Trump blasted politicians – apparently including Florida Governor Ron DeSantis – as “gutless” for refusing to reveal whether or not they received a COVID-19 booster dose. While once again lauding the Big Pharma vaccines in an interview with One America News Network (OANN), Trump did not mention the Florida Governor by name, though DeSantis is perhaps the most high profile politician in the country coming under media fire for refusing to disclose his vaccination status. “I watched a couple of politicians being interviewed, and one of the questions was did you get the booster because they