Chinese Regime Takes Financial Stake In TikTok, Now Directly Linked to Facebook Fact-Checker ‘Lead Stories’.

Business records reveal the Chinese Communist Party has retained a stake and a new board seat in TikTok’s parent company ByteDance, which in turn funds Facebook’s fact-checking partner ‘Lead Stories’. A Reuters report describes how the Chinese technology firm sold a one percent stake to WangTouZhongWen (Beijing) Technology, owned by three state-run entities, on April 30th. “The deal also allowed the Chinese government to appoint a board director at Beijing ByteDance,” the outlet added. The news will cause further consternation over the TikTok app and its data. Such threats – including to national security and data privacy – prompted the

TikTok AI Chief Joins Staff Of Taxpayer-Backed California University.

The director of the artificial intelligence lab run by ByteDance – TikTok’s Chinese Communist Party-linked parent company – is joining the University of California Santa Barbara as a professor. ByteDance’s Li Lei will join the taxpayer-funded university as an assistant professor in the computer science department, tweeting on Saturday that the career change is “very exciting.” Li has worked at ByteDance since 2016 following a two-year stint at another Chinese Communist Party-linked tech giant Baidu. Very exciting to join @ucsbcs. Excited to working with great folks William and Shiyu, and many others! @WilliamWangNLP @CodeTerminator — Lei Li (@lileics) August

WATCH: Facebook Fact Checker Says He is ‘Very Comfortable’ With Chinese Communist Relationship.

Alan Duke, the founder and Editor-in-Chief of Facebook’s fact-checking partner Lead Stories, admitted he is “very comfortable” doing business with the Chinese Communist Party-linked technology firm ByteDance. The admission came during Duke’s appearance on Steve Bannon’s War Room: Pandemic podcast, where he was questioned if he “feels comfortable being on retainer with a company that has a direct to the Chinese Communist Party and to the People’s Liberation Army and is included as part of a national asset.” ByteDance, which is the parent company of TikTok, has seen its founder pledge to use the company to “promote socialist core values”

WATCH: Big Tech’s Top ‘Fact-Checker’ Refuses to Drop Chinese Communist Party ‘Mouthpiece’ As Client.

Alan Duke – the co-founder and Editor-in-Chief of Facebook and TikTok’s fact-checking partner “Lead Stories” – admitted a stunning refusal to drop clients with ties to the Chinese Communist Party flagged by the U.S. government. The admission came during a War Room: Pandemic interview where Duke, whose outlet has censored several National Pulse articles critical of Joe Biden and Facebook. While the outlet claims to be “unbiased,” Federal Election Commission (FEC) records reveal that all donations from employees have gone to Democratic candidates and anti-Trump groups. In an effort to cover up the outlet’s left-wing bias, Duke alleges that co-founder

TikTok Insiders Reveal Chinese Parent Company Can ‘Access U.S. User Data.’

Company insiders have revealed that the Chinese parent company of the app TikTok can covertly access user data, alleging the boundaries between the two companies were “so blurry as to be almost non-existent,” in a CNBC report. The bombshell report – which validates the Trump administration’s efforts to ban the app in the U.S. – comes just after the Biden White House decided to allow TikTok to continue operations, and even welcomed TikTokers into the White House for a “briefing.” A “recruiter, along with four other former employees, told CNBC they’re concerned about the popular social media app’s Chinese parent

TikTok Parent Company Used Chinese Communist Party Official For Hiring Promotional Material.

TikTok’s parent company ByteDance has used testimony from former Chinese Communist Party diplomats as promotional materials to entice individuals to work at the company. The revolving door between the Chinese government and Bytedance is additional evidence that the company’s app TikTok is compromised by the Chinese Communist Party. Jian Porto, who has worked at Bytedance since 2016, served as a Chinese Communist Party official for six years before he joined the company. Currently a Country Manager for ByteDance Brazil, Porto served as a diplomat at China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs focusing on “Latin America and the Caribbean issues” from 2010

TikTok Algorithm To Be Used For Drug Development

ByteDance, the parent company of the controversial TikTok app, is now using its artificial intelligence programs for drug development and research. ByteDance, whose founder promised to use his company to promote “Socialist core values” and devotion to the Chinese Communist Party, will focus on artificial intelligence (AI) drug discovery. Job postings for the branch of the Beijing-based company have appeared for cities in Mountain View, Shanghai, and Beijing. “We are looking for candidates to join our team and conduct cutting-edge research in drug discovery and manufacturing powered by AI algorithms,” a job posting explained. The company’s foray into healthcare comes