“Capitalist Manifesto” Makes Strong Case Against Socialism, Cronyism Ahead of 2020

This week, a timely new e-book was released making the case for why capitalism is the best system for spreading universal opulence. “The Capitalist Manifesto,” authored by supply-sider Ralph Benko and prominent Tea Party organizer Bill Collier, serves as an easily readable primer on what capitalism is while heading into an election cycle that may challenge this system head on.   The e-book, in equal parts, serves as an indictment of the socialist philosophy — which the authors label “neo-feudalism” — and an indictment of the corrosion of capitalism, which the authors blame for capitalism’s waning public support. The e-book

No, Repealing Net Neutrality Will Not Lead to Doomsday. Here’s Why.

Today is a pretty normal Thursday in America for 2017. There’s some intense negotiating going on in Congress, some political speculation fueled by a Politico article, and some snow on the ground in many places. Just what you’d expect for a December weekday. But if you go on Reddit (which I don’t recommend, since it can be a seedy place), you’d think December 14, 2017 was the apocalypse or Y2K all over again. Tomorrow, we are going to wake up in a barren wasteland where people die as CEOs get rich. Why, you ask? The neckbearded geeks on sites like Reddit and 4chan are in

How Capitalism and Innovation Saved Lives During Hurricane Irma

As Americans begin the unenviable task of trying to rebuild from the recent hurricanes, a silver-lining to these tragic events can still be uncovered under close examination: As devastating as the recent storms were, American capitalism and innovation prevented an enormous amount of suffering and untimely deaths. While any lives lost are too many, The Washington Post explained how human innovation is constantly driving us towards a world of greater disaster preparedness: Five deaths related to Hurricane Irma have now been confirmed in Florida…it’s remarkable the extent to which the human cost of a storm as destructive and powerful as

Are Millennials the Socialist Generation? Don’t Believe What You Hear…

Recently RealClearPolitics contributor Joel Kotkin made the case that millennials are fueling a global rise in socialism. As I have previously responded to Kotkin as well as left-wing pundits, there is no Bolshevik oasis out in the distance, it’s a mirage. Millennial Americans are among the most radical free-market capitalists the world has ever seen. In his latest column, Kotkin reiterates his prior claim that “capitalism is failing” millennials. One doesn’t need to look far to find a counter argument, as Kotkin’s column starts off: Even as Venezuela falls deeper into crisis, and the former Soviet bloc nations groan under

Sorry Liberals. Millennials Aren’t Communists — Not Even Close

In a recent article in The Daily Beast, Joel Kotkin argues that millennials “battered by capitalism” could be the future “red generation.” Unfortunately for those yearning for the United States to look like Venezuela, the reality couldn’t be further from the truth — millennials will be among the most radical, free market capitalists the world has ever seen. The evidence supporting this claim is exceedingly obvious — millennials, every day, vote against Big Government with their money. And why wouldn’t they? Does anyone really believe that a generation demanding services which are fast, cheap, and convenient will have any tolerance