A National Embarrassment. An Unadulterated Farce. The January 6th Committee Makes a Mockery of America.

Yesterday’s partisan committee hearing on January 6th was nothing short of a national embarrassment. No doubt the January 6th riots were, too. Had pipsqueak Pence done his job, the country would look far different today. But two wrongs don’t make a right. How Democrats continue to abuse their power for the partisan persecution of their political opponents will remain a stain on America’s body politick for generations to come. The most humiliating moments – especially for the audiences watching from around the world – saw all four “stars” of the “show” crying for the television cameras. Harry Dunn, Adam Kinzinger,

NEW: Capitol Authorities Had Advance Warning of Jan 6th Riot, But Refused to Act on Intelligence.

New e-mails reveal that authorities at the U.S. Capitol were warned in advance of troublemakers at the Capitol on January 6th, but refused to take action. Their reluctance led to a peaceful rally being turned into a riot and ultimately, a cudgel with which to beat Donald Trump and his supporters. MSNBC and CNN are both reporting that “[n]ewly revealed internal emails show an outside group warned Capitol security officials one day before the January 6 insurrection about a series of troubling social media posts calling for people to storm the US Capitol and kill federal employees, evidence that concerns about

The U.S. Capitol Was Attacked by a Nation of Islam Follower and “GOP Leader” Kevin McCarthy Hasn’t Said a Word About It. It’s Time for Him to Resign.

Kevin McCarthy styles himself as the “GOP Leader,” but never shows any leadership. On the back of an attack on the U.S. Capitol by a Nation of Islam follower, McCarthy chose to send prayers instead of taking the fight to the radical left who encouraged this attack. If it was a right-wing attacker, he’d have been condemning it by now. It’s time for McCarthy – a coward – to resign. McCarthy is routinely comfortable attacking his own side. Whether it’s unproven or unsubstantiated attacked on Marjorie Taylor-Greene or Matt Gaetz, Kevin McCarthy is there for it. But when it’s an

CAPITOL RIOT: Fresh Details Confirm Trump & SecDef Pushed to Deploy National Guard While “Optics” Fears Followed Leftist Outrage Over BLM Riot Policing.

New information about the failure to protect the U.S. Capitol – despite intelligence suggesting a pre-planned attack – asserts that it was President Trump’s team that forced the issue of National Guard deployment, while Army officials at the Pentagon were more concerned about the backlash they might face from the media, the DC Mayor, and the political left. The Washington Post claims to have seen a draft, internal memo from the Pentagon revealing that military planners rejected the idea of National Guard deployment ahead of the Capitol riot. This follows the news – first reported by Vanity Fair – that

‘Inconsistent, Conflicting’ And Ignored Threat Assessments Ahead of Jan 6 Capitol Attack.

A New York Times report has let the cat out of the bag: that law enforcement either knew and did nothing about the potential for violence on January 6th, or issued conflicting and inconsistent threat assessments ahead of the events at the U.S. Capitol. The news will raise questions as to why authorities allowed a predominantly peaceful Trump speech and rally in Washington, D.C. to be infiltrated and overtaken by forces who had planned for violence in advance. Questions will also be asked about why authorities immediately claimed President Donald Trump had “incited” the riot with his speech at the

The Insurrection Lie.

The legacy media has spent the last week repeating the nonsense that Trump supporters travelled to Washington D.C. last week in a coordinated attempt to overthrow the government. It’s a lie.  Here’s what really happened. The First Amendment of the United States Constitution guarantees the “right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.” On January 6, 2021, hundreds of thousands of citizens traveled to the nation’s capital to exercise their Constitutional right to peacefully protest. This was their grievance: Seventy-five million had cast their ballots for Trump on election day. Then,

Jan 6 ‘Incitement’ Timeline Debunked as Ex-Capitol Police Chief Says Pelosi, McConnell’s Sergeants-at-Arms Refused Security Measures.

The Washington Post has reported that the outgoing Capitol Police Chief, Steve Sund, believes his efforts to secure the premises were undermined by a lack of concern from House and Senate security officials who answer directly to Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate leader Mitch McConnell. The National Pulse can also report the Washington Post’s timeline proves it was impossible for Trump speech attendees to have made it to the Capitol in time for the breach. In addition to the fact that Trump openly called for the “cheering on” of Congressman, and “peaceful” protests, the timeline as established from numerous, establishment

REVEALED: ‘Summer of Love’ Mayor Jenny Durkan Slammed ‘Right Wing’ Occupiers in 2016: ‘Conspiracy, AR-15s, Trashed Property’ – Sound Familiar?

Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan described her city’s Capitol Hill Occupied Protest area as having a “block party atmosphere” and reminiscent of the “summer of love” while slamming people who seized a government-owned wildlife refuge for “not respecting” and “trashing” the territory in 2016. Durkan’s unearthed comments from an NPR interview reveal a clear double standard: Commenting on the occupation of Malheur National Wildlife Refuge (MNWR) in 2016, where armed people seized the area’s headquarters in opposition to the federal government’s ownership of the land, Durkan heavily criticized the individuals involved. In short, so-called right wingers tried to accomplish Capitol Hill