SCHILLING: Cali ‘Conservative’ Carl DeMaio Supports Pro-Trans Ideology Legislation – Ditch Him!

Pro-family conservatives face huge opportunities and challenges this year. President Trump has been uniformly excellent on our issues thus far: life, judges, immigration, cutting regulation, jobs and the economy. Whatever one’s expectations were for this President on these topics, he’s over-delivered. So our first political opportunity and challenge is ensuring this President is reelected. President Trump can accomplish a lot, and has, through executive order. But we can help him be even more effective in a second Trump term with functioning MAGA majorities in the House and Senate. We need to win those races and take over those bodies, filling them with

‘Republican’ Carl DeMaio Calls Border Patrol ‘The Swamp’

Branding Border Patrol officers a part of the “swamp,” Carl DeMaio, Republican primary candidate for CA-50, solidified his pro-amnesty and Never Trump track record. In contrast, his primary opponent, Darrell Issa, has been endorsed by the National Border Patrol Union, and from his prior tenure as a Congressman, has demonstrated commitment and support to President Trump’s immigration agenda. Citing that crucial endorsement, a potential voter asks why DeMaio insists Issa is not tough enough on border security in a town hall – a policy position unknown to DeMaio.  He’s asked: “You said you support a wall on the border,