Boris Johnson Resigns: He Couldn’t ‘Carrie On’ Any Longer. So What Next?

In the end, it was the multiple homosexual, underage, sex scandal cover ups that got him. In the end, it was the dreadful results in recent by-elections that got him. In the end, it was his personal behavior throughout the pandemic that got him. In the end, it was the lavish refurb of his taxpayer-funded apartment that got him. In the end, it was his failure to appoint any real, right-wing, Brexiteers to his government that got him. In the end, it was attempting to rescue pets ahead of personnel in Afghanistan that got him. The list, if you couldn’t tell

Boris and Carrie Johnson Forced the Media to Memory Hole an Article About Their Latest Scandal. Now, It’s Trending, And It May Bring His Government Down.

The wife of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, Carrie (neé Symonds), faces further scandal after allegedly demanding negative press stories about her and her husband were removed from British newspapers and their websites. The news comes at one of the worst periods for Johnson’s government, with immigration soaring and a recent “no confidence” vote in the Prime Minister which yielded a worse result than his deposed predecessor Theresa May. On Saturday morning, The Times of London ran with a bombshell scoop by veteran reporter Simon Walters, entitled “Johnson tried to give Carrie top Foreign Office job during affair”. The story