WATCH: Facebook’s Zuckerberg Grilled over Censorship of Conservative Content

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg was in the hot seat in Congress this week, facing an hours-long interrogation by two Senate committees on Tuesday and another by a House committee on Wednesday. Zuckerberg was pressed on a number of issues, including data privacy, ad practices, and censorship of conservative content. The latter was badly needed, as new cases of Facebook unfairly censoring conservative and religious content pop up seemingly every week. Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) grilled Zuckerberg during the first day’s hearing, asking whether Facebook has ever censored Planned Parenthood or  Then Senator Ben Sasse (R-Neb.) challenged Zuckerberg on why Facebook should

Liberal Columnist: “I Would’ve Aborted” a Baby with Down Syndrome

The Washington Post recently published a pro-abortion op-ed with the title “I would’ve aborted a fetus with Down syndrome. Women need that right.” Written by Ruth Marcus, the piece was in response to the passage of a number of recent state laws that bar women from aborting their babies solely because of a diagnosis of Down syndrome. “These laws are unconstitutional, unenforceable — and wrong,” argues Marcus. “I have had two children,” she explained. “I can say without hesitation that, tragic as it would have felt and ghastly as a second-trimester abortion would have been, I would have terminated those