Want to Demolish Racist Monuments? Start with Planned Parenthood…

Racism and racists have been the hue and cry all over the internet since “the Charlottesville Incident.” Words designed to inflame and incite are being lobbed, lines are being drawn, and sides taken. Should confederate monuments be allowed to stand, or should they be torn down? Those who say they should stand are deemed racist — and, if Black, sell outs. Families are being torn apart and the racial gap widened as acts and threats of violence rule. Racism, a term understood prior to 1964 and the passage of the Civil Rights Act to mean discrimination and prejudice against a

BREAKING: President Trump Denounces White Supremacists, Political Violence

America suffered through a difficult weekend. In Charlottesville, Va., after “alt-right” neo-nazis and left-wing “antifa” protesters had been clashing violently for hours, an alleged neo-nazi committed an ISIS-style terrorist attack by ramming his vehicle into a crowd of protesters, killing one and injuring dozens. President Trump made a statement on Saturday, condemning violence “on all sides,” but came under fire for not specifically addressing neo-nazis or white supremacists by name. Today, Trump reiterated his remarks from Saturday and made it clear that violent ideologies have no place in America: Thank you. I’m in Washington today to meet with my economic